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Ice Car
03-05-2012, 07:15 AM
I've returned to this game recently because I've had an urge to play it after watching some of my favorite Youtuber's videos (namely ones of Infected in COD4).

I was level 27 when I started playing again a few days ago, now I'm level 39, but it is taking excruciatingly long just to level up once now.

I've now resorted to completing challenges for the guns I haven't used yet.

It's frustrating, all the good guns are unlocked some time after level 40. The Deagle in COD4 is by far my favorite gun in the series, it feels like it'll take an eternity to unlock it.

So, question, is there any good way of leveling up quickly now? I would play Hardcore HQ but I'm afraid of venturing out of my most played game modes. Even though I level up fast in this mode I don't enjoy playing it...

Comments are, there are so few people online now, but the modding in some game modes are no longer as rampant. About 9 out of 10 games I join in FFA, Old School FFA, TDM, Dom, etc ("Standard Playlists"). Old School FFA is definitely fun, but I've had a lot of bullshit with that playlist, particularly lag and the Skorpion being... the Skorpion. It takes the entire extended magazine to kill someone at range, while it completely destroys in CQB, both are extremely frustrating to me...

Search and Destroy is the most tainted. I tried 3 or so games and all of them were full of hackers. One in particular had someone who teleported into our spawn from the start and killed us all. Others simply ended the game immediately, rewarding 4,000 score to their team.

Domination is fun, but too many god damn quick scopers and snipers and less people playing the objective. I went 48-36 with just about every flag that was captured, I took part in capturing. Nobody else got more than 6 kills and they all got 15+ deaths.

This shit pisses me off. They even ran past A Flag which was being taken by 5 people and didn't even bother turning around to cap or get kills after noticing it was capped.

Spawns are just as bad as the recent games, IMHO. I don't spawn in the same spot as someone else anymore, instead I spawn right in front of where someone else spawned, so we both saw each other off our spawns. Though this is Shipment, I got killed by someone camping in the storage container and the game proceeded to spawn my in front of the barrel on the spot I just died. What the fuck?

Lastly, are the numbers of people online updated by the game or IW/whoever manages the servers? The count for number of people online has remained exactly the same for several days. Old School FFA has 10 people online apparently but I know that's not true; I've joined 3 different games consecutively, there were at least 20 unique players in that game mode at the time. TDM, Dom, and FFA had the exact same number of players online.

Oh, and I forgot, matchmaking is hilariously better then MW3 and Black Ops. There are usually 10,000 players on FFA at the very, very least almost 24/7, yet I join the same one I quit 5 times. In COD4 I join the same one once or twice, though that is justified by there being few online. I've never been frustrated with matchmaking yet, other than what kind of games I get put in.