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03-08-2012, 11:01 AM

I am at the point in MGS2 when you have to take on several Metal gear rex's like in a virtual world. I only have 2 rations and half a heath bar... When it started I throw a chaff and aim for the leg with my stinger, straight after if I can I fire a stinger into its mouth etc. However I can maybe take down 2 of them before I die... I am finding that not enough rations come up. I am playing the game on normal

I have completed this game about 10years ago on the PS2. Lastnight I tried about 10 times and I just turned it off in a fit of rage, I was ready to pull my hair out lol

Does anybody have any hints or tips?
Thank you

03-08-2012, 12:05 PM
Once you get the strategy down for this battle it won't matter whether you're on easy or extreme and this battle isn't very difficult on any difficulty. Easy for me to say I know when you're stuggling, but I think it's just a case of your strategy being wrong.

The key to fighting Rex is always fire a stinger into its knee before targeting the head. Once you have put one in the knee and one in the head you will lose the ability to lock on for a few seconds. I take this oppertunity to damage a Rex outside the arena.

Another thing worth noting is the distance between you and Rex. If you're too far away Rex will be more inclined to use knee missiles which are a pain. Stay fairly close and don't be affraid to be aggressive in this fight. Go for the knee, head and then aim at the knee again and get a shot away without the lock-on. A hit on Rex without the lock-on diamond coming back will do zero damage, but with practice you'll be able to pre-empt the diamond coming back while you have a stinger in the air. Getting this technique down will allow you to control the fight and stop the Rex from getting an attack in at you.

The above strategy is perfect, but there will be a time when the Rex units outside the arena will fire homing misslies into the arena. When this happens you'll have to avoid them. As you won't be on the attack, use this oppertunity to throw chaff. This is the only part of the fight where I'd bother throwing chaff.

Once the misslies have been evaded you need to get back on the attack again like you were doing before, but depending on the difficulty you might want to wait for the center Rex to fire knee missiles before moving in and continuing the knee/head attacks. Evade the knee missiles, get close then go for knee/head shots again.

When you have defeated the center Rex take this oppertunity to hammer the Rex units outside the arena. There will be two so attack one, then the other until one jumps into the center. If you keep the pressure on here you'll be able to defeat some Rex' before they even jump into the arena.

Hope that helps. =)

03-08-2012, 01:21 PM

Also it's worth noting that right at the beginning you can get the first 3 Rex's health down to about a third each if your quick enough.

As soon as the battle starts equip your stinger and aim for the center rex's leg, then as soon as you hit its leg aim for the head, immediately do the same to the Rex on your right followed by the Rex on your left. You can then repeat the same process one more time if you follow the same order center, right, left.

Aside from that it's just learning their attacks and how to dodge.

Mei Ninja has written a guide on how to do the bosses on extreme which has other good tips from users

Gamefaqs also has some good boss guides, if your still stuck you could always look there.

Best of luck!

03-08-2012, 09:21 PM
on my very next go after writing this message I did it lol. I managed to get 3 quick shots off like mentioned and from there it was just running and dodging and getting the timing right... And now ive completed the game :)

However im going to make another topic...