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03-10-2012, 10:49 PM
I know this is kind of a dead forum but I thought I'd post this idea anyway because I have no idea how the actual leaderboards work in Magic 2012. For Magic 2013 I had an idea on what they should use as their leaderboard system that I thought would be pretty sweet. Hate on it, love it, or post your own ideas below.

Basically your ranking would be a number that would represent how much life you've lost and how much damage you've done. Here's the first example:

Game One: Win with 14 life left
Game Two: Loss with 3 life left
Game Three: Win with 30 life left
Leaderboard Score: 31

So depending on how much life you have remaining at the end of a game that you win, that adds to your score. Depending on how much life your opponent has at the end of a game that you lose, that subtracts from your score. So your score could potentially be in the negatives if you lose more than you win. However, the numbers only add or subtract from your score between 1-20 (or 1-30 for THG). So if you win a game and you have 72 life left, it will still only add 20 to your overall score. This is important because if you were scored for wins above 20, everybody would obviously just use the best lifegain deck and it would break the multiplayer. This won't completely eliminate the use of lifelink or other life gaining cards though, because you could fall below 20 life and work your way back up to 20 to maintain a +20 score at the end of the game. Also, negative numbers do not do anything to your score (so buffing up creatures to hit someone for -1000 life will do nothing besides inflate your ego). Lastly, if a player quits the game before it is over it will score the game as if they were at zero and it will impact both your scores as such.

The thing I like about it is that it will seperate the good players from the bad and in a way that details how dominate they are. It's more in-depth than just judging wins and losses. So the leaderboard would look like this, which is the way it should be:

1. Player who dominates in all his wins
2. Player who barely wins all his games
3. Player who wins and loses equally
4. Player who barely loses frequently
5. Player who always gets dominated