View Full Version : Mortal / Obliterator Gauge glitch?

03-11-2012, 08:10 PM
So I've been running into this weird glitch with my progress for the Obliterator gauge. Two days ago I started up a Mortal gauge run, I finished it the next day and got my achievements and the Obl. Gauge. I equipped it, went into normal mode and got S ranking on all the chapters I needed to to get the achievement for it. I turned off my system for the day and was going to start up hard mode the next. Last night I fired it up and was ready to start my Hard run and I was missing my progress for Ch.12 - True Ch.18 for the Obliterator gauge as well as the S ranks on normal mode I did the previous day. A tad angry, I went through it all again, turned off my system for the night, woke up today and bam! Same glitch this morning. I even have the cheevos for unlocking the all gauges, S rank on normal mode and beating the game with Mortal on but my progress keeps slipping somehow.

Anyone else have/had this problem? I know I'd saved multiple times after I initially got the Obliterator (or so the game told me), but it still can't get my progress to stick.