View Full Version : Online camping and cheap moves already.

03-20-2012, 10:19 AM
This games online could be a little fun. You level up and are rewarded with more arrows and stars for every spawn, etc. If you walk slowly, you can enter ghost and will become virtually invisible, you then press Y for a instant kill. You can climb onto buildings and such but you have to alternate the Lt and Rt.

Already I ran into 2 cheap players while playing team battle. It was them 2 against me and they just sat at my spawn and I would have to struggle to kill just one. I surprised them with Ghost but then it just got cheap with one using ninpo, stars, arrows while the other would ghost walk and try to instant kill me.

I was having a little fun and was surprised that the online wasn't total crap. Yet after playing a little more, I see how it can be unbalanced. When you do a Steel and Bone move it becomes a button lashing contest to either kill or survive. I expect for people to use their turbo controllers, just as they would in UFC, etc.

You can play private matches but I don't know if you get XP or if cheevs unlock there. Nothing I would play everyday all day but a little alternative to play for a short time.

03-20-2012, 11:32 AM
There is also crystal skulls and golden scarabs to grab for extra points.

Been playing with some cool people and its fun when ilpeople don't cheat and play cheap. I even playing against 2 to 1 and been winning and having fun.

Been playing and my sword is rank 8 it takes 1million points to hit rank 9 and 1.5million to hit 10. Its like a total of 3-4 million to Max it from 1, though it doesn't take long at all. You can rank up quick from playing verses, I'm a level 24. The trials and verses both level you and weapons up and you also unlock more sword strikes with your UT and more stars and arrows, as well as cosmetic armour.

Its crazy when you are playing team battle and then it switches to a battle royal or you can betray your team and assassinate your mate and switch teams.