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08-23-2007, 06:08 PM
This is what I did I started a whole new dynasy with Ohio State I went to in season recruting and picked only the people that were interested in my school there was only two and then i picked like four more that their intrest bar waz like half way full. I gave the five that i thought were the most interested and gave them twenty recrutment points. Then i started the season I simmed the games one by one until it was the 7th game of the season then I sheduled a visit for all of my four recrutes then i continued simming all of the rest off the games one by one until i was at the end of the season. I had three that comited. I was kind of bumed but i kept going I went undeafeted and won the NC. then I went to the off season and went to the recruting stage. I found all the ones that were interested and selected acadimics as my pitch and in home visit by head coach. Then simmed a week then did the same thing but selected program prestiege as my pitch and send the house. If keep doing this by the time your done you should have nine like me.

Please forgive the spelling im only eleven and not very good at typing yet;)

Im a Manatee
08-26-2007, 06:59 PM
I'm going to be trying this out...

09-16-2007, 09:21 PM
haven't tried in season recruiting. will do that. I got seven 5 * people and the eight wont come to my school, that bastard

Andrew x360a
10-25-2007, 03:07 AM
Great tip dude. This is a frustrating one to get, but its pretty sweet once you do.

12-19-2007, 05:03 PM
:uzi:this achievment is the hardest on the game go eagles thanks for the tip:boom

12-19-2007, 05:41 PM
:uzi:this achievment is the hardest on the game go eagles thanks for the tip:boom

its easy if you use a pen and paper. Just write down the perks once you find them and reload the save. once i found perks for 12 players i tried it and got it first try. Took maybe 45 mins tops. The 60 years of dynasty is defiantly alot more painful to gey.

Incorrigible Space Cadet
12-26-2007, 04:37 AM
Yea good call, pen and paper works great. I kept saving after each week to see how high I could get the number and I got to 14 so 8 will be absolutely no problem. I used Ohio State on year 2 I believe. Just try and write down one or two extra players (like 9 or 10 names) because even if your college is in the top 5 there are some players that will not sign with you period. One guy kept signing with another school after the first week no matter what I picked. I saved a little time by not writing the perks down next to every players name. I just put: " A B C D E F " next to every player's first initial, last name, and their rank #. Then at the bottom of the sheet of paper I put the same letters and then added the 6 perk descriptions next to each. Just cross off the letters of the perks that dont work, re-load your save file and repeat.

Panic: What youre trying to do is learn all the perks for the 5 star players. You need the pen and paper because by process of elimination youre going to find out exactly which perks work with each player. That way you know exactly what "pitch" works for each player to get them to join your school. Like for example if player ranked at the #1 pick, named Joe Shmoe, is really concerned with his academics and you pitch academics along with the option to "send the house", he will join your team. But how are you gonna know that Joe is concerned with academics and not, lets say, your coaching style? This is why you need the pen and paper. Your gonna pick all the 5 star players that have a green dot next to their name. This says that theyre interested in your school even before week one starts. Now out of all the 5 star recruits with green dots, pick the ones that have your school in their top 5 schools. Once you run out, fill the rest of your targets list with as many other 5 star recruits that can fit. Now, your gonna use your pen and paper and write down this for each player:

First Initial, Last name, RANK #.... and next to each, write the letters: A B C D E F

Do this down the paper for all the 5 star recruits that are in your "current targets" list.

Now at the bottom of the page, write this:

A. Prestige
B. Coach Prestige
C. Coaching Style
D. Academics
E. Playing Time
F. Location
(except write them in the order that theyre actually in on the game, to prevent confusion, because I dont remember exactly)

Now just go down the list of players and set up your pitch for each. Just keep selecting choice A (Prestige), and "Send the House". For every one of em.

SAVE the game here. Now after you save, advance the week.....

You may or may not have got a recruit or two. If you did, you wont know exactly which pitch worked for them cuz they'll just be on your team now, but its safe to assume that the ones that joined you are concerned with Prestige(choice A). Now go to the current targets list and check which pitch worked for each player that didnt join. If Prestige wasnt a concern for the players that didnt join your school your going to cross off the letter "A" from your list for each of these players.

DONT SAVE, reload your save from before you advanced the week. Change choice "A" to choice "B"(coach prestige) for each player that doesnt care about Prestige. Now CROSS OFF choice "A" on your paper for all the ones that dont care about it. You see what youre trying to do? Just keep doing this and eliminating the perks that dont work, keep re-loading the save file, and you will keep finding out which perks work and dont work for each player. Now once you know all the perks, you can sim week one and you should pick up all 8 if you had a ton of interested 5 star recruits. If they dont join after week 1, even with their correct perk selected, then they werent interested enough. But what you did was make them more interested by picking the right perk in week 1. So in week 2 after you get as many as you can, save the game. Try it again with the ones that still wouldnt join. They have your school higher up on their list now and will most likely join in week 2. Always use "Send the House". Hope that helps.

01-10-2008, 05:25 PM
I posted on another thread for people trying to get the 5-star or Mr. February achievements:

Writing down the names is the best thing you can do. Again, write down the dudes name, and make a column for each pitch, and just keep going through the weeks, and reload as necessary until you have every player's pitch.

Start with all the 5-star recruits. Hold the left trigger and go to the "All Prospects" list and just go straight down it. Pick all the "green dot" recruits and what I did was hitting the right thumb-stick down twice to show the player's top 4 schools, but if you click it in at this menu, it'll show all the schools he's interested in. If you're school is on this list, you have an absolute chance of snagging the recruit. DO NOT bother with guys who do not list your school, you will NEVER get them. It is possible for you to be at the bottom of the players list, and he still doesn't show as a "green dot". So you do have to take this extra steps.

For the Mr. Feb Achievement:
Continue the above strategy for the 4-star recruits. If you do it right, you'll probably end up not even touching the 3-star recruits because you'll be loaded at 5 and 4-stars. If you do get a 3-star, it'll be an auto-recruit.

07-08-2008, 12:16 AM
I'll definetely try Ancient Sniper's method.