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03-28-2012, 07:29 AM
This guide is intended to help you through what I found to be most challeging sections of the game and includes a lot of my own personal strategies for beating them. At present, there are only 22 people ranked on the MN leaderboard and most of us are averaging about five hours for completion. Score and time are only recorded for each segment, checkpoint to checkpoint, that you live.

Do not, at any point in this playthrough, forget to use an Obliteration Technique on an enemy. First reason is that the AI is cranked up to maddeningly manic levels and will grab, attack, and otherwise annoy you at much greater speed than before, and not all enemies will stay dead if you down them. Some even explode. The second reason is for some of those precious i-frames (invincibility) that make all attacks on you miss for the duration of the animation. Abuse any move with these properties. The game will not cut you any slack, so don't show any to it.

Day 1: Watch out for the attack dogs that show up nearly immediately. They can and will knock you out of the air with their version of the Flying Swallow and their damage to you on the ground is insanely high for no apparent reason.

Focus on armored enemies, when they show up, first. A quick way to kill them is to jump at them, perform an on-landing 360-Y attack (spin the LS in a full circle and hit Y the precise moment you land) to launch them, then simply finish into an Izuna with XXXY.

Likely your trickiest part of this game will come immediately after you slide under the oncoming truck in a QTE and get assualted by four-five waves of enemies. Abuse the heck out of OL 360-Y into Izuna. You can actually loop this attack over and over after landing your Izuna, but doing so will cost you the opportunity to use an OT on downed enemies. If your health is doing alright, I would say avoid looping enemies and go for every OT possible. At the final wave here the game will break continuity with other difficulties for the first (and not last) time and have you fight three Alchemists. Make sure to save a UT or Ninpo for this fight to make it as easy as possible.

For your fight with the Regent of the Mask (and all subsequent fights), you can go one of two ways. The first, and safest, way is to use hit and run tactics. Wait for him to whiff an attack and punish quickly with XX or something else that is quick. Then dash away and wait him out again. The second is to abuse i-frames and attack him relentlessly. On-landing (OL henceforth) 360-Y has a ton of invincibility and carries you up into the air. If you bring him with you, finish with XXXX. If you don't, stall yourself in the air with a shuriken or two, then come down with Y. Upon landing again hit YY to use a quick string with a ton of invincibility that is also highly grab resistant. You can still be grabbed in it, but he will often fall out of alignment with you.

Day 2: Day 2 provides you with your get out of jail free card in this difficulty: your bow. It can be used to stall yourself in midair to avoid grabs (fire the bow with RT; you can also toss some shuriken after the shot to delay your fall even longer), it can be used to chip away at the more dangerous enemies with little-to-no risk to Ryu, and is just generally overpowered in this game. Because there are no new enemies to speak of in this level, this will likely be relatively easy for those who finished Day 1. The soldiers on sandmobiles (I guess that'd be accurate) are a joke and will be utterly destroyed by anyone who just jumps and fires a ton of RB-assisted bow shots.

The fight with the Alchemists at the midpoint of this level is likely the only place people will have difficulty. You do not have the luxury of saving up an UT this time around, so you will have to get in and fight them. Luckily, you now have two ways of going about it, and they will remain viable for the rest of the game. Regardless of which of the following strategies you choose, always use a strong attack (any attack that uses Y) to shatter their alchemy shields when they conjure them. If you catch them charging one, a simple bow shot will knock them out. Strong attacks are required once they finish charging up. The fight will be significantly harder if you let them use their alchemy as they gain a ton of armor that auto-blocks weak attacks and can use some strong ranged attacks.

The first method is to attack them head-on. You can treat them in much the same way as the Regent of the Mask, with the added benefit of fully stunning them when you slide into them. Get them split up, then attack one at a time with quick strikes like XXX. Do not finish any of your strings as they will simply start blocking after the third or fourth hit and counter-attack. Once you notice they are in a weakened state (denoted, as with other enemies, with blood splattered on their character model), you can go in for the kill with an Izuna or any move with a higher steel on bow triggering change, such as jumping at your opponent and pressing Y (more or less the Flying Swallow of old) or a standing Y attack.

The second method is far easier and less dangerous, though you will likely get bored. Simply run away and fire RB-assisted arrows until they're weakened enough to be hit with a SoB attack or Izuna. Alternatively you can fire at them until they die but you will miss out on a lot of Karma if you do this consistently throughout your run. Prepare to be really bored and add a decent amount of time to your run if you go this route, but it may very well preserve the life of your controller in some fights.

The boss of this level is laughably easy. Just keep on the move and fire your bow at the missiles as they launch from the tubes to trigger the QTE to get on board. If it happens to do a bombing run, just avoid the glowing spots on the ground. Once on the first wing, avoid three salvos of fire from the machine gun until the light on the front turns yellow, then attack with a few Y slashes to destroy the gun. Rinse and repeat to kill the second gun with the added nuisance of having to jump-shot the jetpack soldiers, and then go in for the kill on the cockpit. Hold the triggers as the craft goes down and Day 2 is behind you.

Day 3: The third level starts off being deceptively easy. That will change in a big way once you kick down the door to a hut and come face to face with an ambush. You will be facing two turrets that fire missiles and bullets, attack dogs, normal soldiers, and beret soldiers with grabbing tendencies cranked up. Your first order of business is destroying both turrets with a quick explosive arrow shot to each. That out of the way, focus on quickly killing the attack dogs to prevent their anti-air attacks from causing you a headache. Once they're finished, focus on the beret soldiers and use OL 360-Y to pop them up for easy Izuna kills. Finally, polish off the normal soldiers in whatever way you choose.

Next up, we have the battle in the courtyard around the watchtower. You will Falcon Dive in to kill one of the two guards in the tower and upon killing the other the tower itself will be attacked and the windows will blow out. At this point you need to jump down, where you'll be confronted by the gorilla and snake chimera in another sequence-breaking surprise. Focus on killing the rocket soldiers to prevent them from killing the framerate quicker than Ryu, and then turn your attention to the chimera.

The snakes you can attack in much the same way as the Alchemists, including simply shooting them to death. They do not pose too much of a threat at range with their projectiles and their grabs aren't terribly damaging either. Really, you can ignore them for the most part to deal with the gorillas.

The gorillas are very much a threat. On Master Ninja, their two-handed grab will one shot you if you have anything less than full health and their one-handed grab easily tops half of your life. The best part is that Master Ninja flips a switch with these enemies and they more or less forget they have other moves besides grabs. They have an easily avoidable jump and ground pound attack that will do some serious damage to Ryu, but unless they jump from off-screen it's hard to get hit by it. You can choose to fight them in three different ways. If they power up into their rage mode, the only real change is an invincible rolling attack that is easily avoided.

First, you can jump-shot them with your bow. Again, this is incredibly boring and will cost you a lot of potential Karma for your leaderboard spot at the end. It is, however, safe, and may very well spare the life of your controller. Just be aware they will block almost every shot and killing even one involves a good three to four minutes of just shooting arrows at it. They will eventually die, even if you choose not to go in for a steel on bone, so be patient if you go this route.

The second way (and also the method best used for Cliff in Day 8) is to get right up in their face. Use three to four hits of Ryu's basic X string until they block and knock you back, and then immediately dodge behind them and do it again. Be mindful of their hands to avoid grabs and each one should die in about thirty seconds if you press the attack. This is a very dangerous method of killing them, but it works very well and will benefit you later in the game as you will not always have the luxury of time or a wide open space to fight in!

The third and final method is a little boring but not as slow as shooting them. Simply run at the enemy and use Ryu's running XX attack. It has a ton of invincibility and seems to be ungrabbable at most points of the animation. It also deals solid damage and staggers the gorillas. While a bit slower than the second method, this is also relatively safe and doesn't require the constant 100% attention that method needs. This method also happens to work wonders on the snakes, as only five reps should kill them.

03-28-2012, 07:30 AM
Day 3 continued: Moving into the lab, the only area some may find difficult will be after ascending the stairs in the hangar. Once you get near the door you will be attacked by a group of cloaked soldiers who behave similarly to their appearance in Day 1. Here, though, they seem to be a bit more focused on murdering your framerate with constant explosions, so try to kill them quickly. The safest and quickest method is to toss a shuriken to break their cloaking temporarily, then rush in and hit them with XY(no launch)XXX. This will likely put them into a near-death state immediately and they can then be finished off with a SoB attack. Repeat this until they're all dead and move on.

Day 3s boss is nothing terribly difficult, but I'll drop a few tips. First, despite what your bows auto-lock will tell you, you do not need to attack the feet of the Gigantosaurus. Simple stay far away and dodge until it trips and falls. Then rush over and get in two reps of XXXY on the head of the dinosaur. Do not attack anything but the head or you won't actually be hurting it. Do not attempt any more than two reps of that string or it will either instantly kill you with it's wakeup attack or severely damage you. Repeat this cycle a few more times until it turns most of it's body to metal. Once this happens just keep dodging a bit longer until it falls again and finish it off.

Now you will need to run from it, which mostly just involves holding your analog stick and jumping occasionally. At the end of this sequence it will acquire a mouthful of very explosive missile; shoot it to move on to the final section of the fight in the hangar. Here you will again just dodge around until it falls over, which will take a bit longer this time, and then you can run up to it's head to finally put it down for good. Day 3 is effectively done at this point.

Day 4: This stage has the single hardest section of the game in it, but is otherwise a fairly easy level. You will encounter the Regent of the Mask again, but since the fight is literally the same as the one in Day 1 (ending this time with you knocking him out of the window), I'm going to skip describing it here. As you move through the level, you will encounter the chimera in an enclosed setting after a cutscene "introducing" them, but you can follow the same strategies outlined for Day 3 here. Keep fighting until the floor gives out under you and you tumble into a room with acid for a floor.

This is where many people will be wanting to break things. If you come into this section with anything less than full health, try again and be extra careful in the previous room. If you choose to jump-shot the chimera in the acid room, the acid will take a full half of your life by the time you're done. If you are hit or grabbed at all, let yourself die and try again, as the acid will never stop leeching away at your healthbar. If you can avoid it, do not use your UT that you will inevitably earn from the chimera until you fight the scythe demon that comes out of the Floating Laser Head of Death (TM pending). If you still have it the UT will one-shot the enemy and make your life a lot easier. Once you kill everything, kunai climb (yay!) out of the pit to a save point.

As you're progressing through the stage you will encounter a room with big tanks along the wall and your falcon save buddy chilling up above. You can choose to fight it out for the first part until the game wants you to climb up to the save point, or you can be slightly devious. See, what the game wants is for you to fight it out with the enemies, climb up to the upper level, see your save point, and then despair as a chimera gorilla smashes your walkway and your save point becomes unavailable til after the fight. What you can do instead is go BACK up top (or wall run to where your falcon was and bypass the collapse in the first place) and snipe everything from safety. You will need to wall run back and forth to trick the enemies into getting away from the wall a bit to hit them, but it's a lot safer and guarantees you live til the save point. You can also duke it out using the tips from prior days.

Once you get to the Prototype Goddess boss, just fight it exactly as you did on Hard. This is more or less the easiest boss in the game. You can even spam running XX over and over. Keep cutting arms off until you move to the circular lab room, do it a few more times, then slash the head in half as you go to leave. Another method to killing her is spamming XYYY as she seems to have no idea how to lock on to you when you do it and it deals good damage with some solid i-frames to boot. No matter which way you do it, you're on to Day 5.

Day 5: This is hands down the easiest stage in the game. There are really no points in this level that are likely to trip up anyone who has made it this far except for Obaba at the end. You fight mostly human enemies and a lot of them are easily instant-killed with Flying Swallow spam. Mages almost never evade Izuna attempts, so if they start to dodge your Flying Swallow, just use the Izuna on them. For the clawed Black Spider ninjas, OL 360-Y works just as well on them as the beret enemies, so have a blast.

For Obaba, when the fight starts, simply attack the normal enemies as you have been throughout the level. When she raises her hand, quickly jump and use a RB-assisted arrow shot to stop her attack. When the big orange weak spot lights up, go to town on it. Fend off another shorter wave of enemies while being mindful of her trying to swat you with her hand and finish off the weak point. One thing to note is that she will sometimes try to squash you with her hand and it will not have a glowing weak point to shoot. If not, you cannot stop the incoming hand so just dodge quickly to the left of the screen, away from the weak point. Once on to the second weak point, do the same as before until the little tentacle things pop out to try stabbing you. Quickly cut them down and get back to business and before you know it Obaba will be dead.


Day 6: While not an easy level by any stretch of the imagination, nothing truly surprising will happen here, so previous tactics apply. When you get to Epigonos (Fiend Ryu/Evil Clone Ryu), you can choose to fight him on even ground or you can exploit the AI. For round one against him, he keeps to his sword weapon and will walk slowly towards you if you do not jump or get close to him. This is precisely what we want to exploit. When he's walking with his sword to his side, use the standard XYXXXY Izuna combo. The first attack will slide Ryu over to his evil clone and the rest goes as it would on any normal enemy. Once you've finished slamming his head into the ground, dash away and wait for him to walk at you again. Rinse and repeat til dead.

For round two, he gains some new tricks and will switch freely between sword, claws, and scythe. In his sword and claw modes you can apply the same exploit as in the first encounter and Izuna him. His scythe is incredibly dangerous, however, and requires some space to avoid attacks. Wait for an opening and go for an Izuna, but be more careful when the scythe is out. He has three phases in this fight, marked by his whole body glowing with the Grip of Murder curse. When this happens, dodge until Ryu automatically acquires the glow himself and then go for an UT. Doing this once moves you to the second phase, which is more or less the same as the first. After the second UT, though, he'll start to use the Art of the Piercing Void ninpo, which can one-shot you. You can simply run around while he charges it, then dodge at the last second when it's coming at you since it has no tracking properties once it's fired. After he uses it, he likely only has one more Izuna to go before he'll get consumed by the curse and you can fire off one final UT.

Day 6 ends after a brief and relatively easy escape sequence.

03-28-2012, 07:36 AM
Day 7: We start off with a relatively cool sequence of attacking ships in a naval fleet, which isn't terribly taxing at any point. For the one relatively annoying fight on the ship where the two turrets attack you at the same time as you're fighting enemies on the deck, abuse the jump-shot with your bow to weaken and kill the enemies (Alchemists included) quickly and then kill the turrets. If you try to fight on the ground you're likely to get caught in a block stun thanks to the turrets and be unable to move. This leads to getting grabbed and controller tossing, so just avoid it by laming out the AI with your bow.

Once you make it to the fight with Ashtear, you have three forms to contend with. For his first form, simply keep relatively close to him while dodge-jumping around him in a circle. When he uses the flame thrower, quickly attack the side of that arm with XYXXXX. When you've dealt enough damage he will rock back and lean on that arm and he will lose his armor for it. Dodge the missiles and use XYXXXX again. You may need to repeat this once more but then that arm will be out of the picture. For his second, you will be using the same combo. Just wait until he punches the ground three times and rush in as soon as the energy field fades. Keep this up until both arms are destroyed.

Now he will shift into his aerial mode. For this you will be using your bow to deal damage while evading his missiles. Your goal in this fight is to make him go to one end of the carrier while you go to the other to shoot him. To manuever him into doing that, stand where you want him to go and then run under him as he approaches. This will make him start a bombing run in a straight line. Dodge away from the bombs he drops and get to the other end of the carrier. Shoot him here until he opens his mouth. At this point he's going to shoot a long series of lasers at you, but because of the extreme distance you can slowly walk or dodge out of the way due to how spread apart they are by the time they reach you. After he closes his mouth, shoot him three or four more times and he'll move to his final form.

This is actually his simplest and easiest form but because many don't get his patterns even on Hard, it might be a bit frustrating here. All you need to know is that he will try to spread his wheels apart after he makes a swipe at you and misses. If you allow him to do this, he will then start to slide into you after you dodge a run and this does a ton of damage. All you need to do to avoid this is let him charge you, dodge jump to the side and while in mid-air target his wheel as it passes by you and fire. Fire two to three times to make sure you hit him. You'll know it worked as he'll stop and his wheel will move a bit. If he spreads them apart, you missed...and you're probably about to get killed as it's very hard to avoid his slide. Just keep at it and after a solid 6-8 hits on a single wheel he'll collapse. At this point simply stand directly in front of him, albeit a decent distance away. He will fire another wave of lasers that will not hit directly in front of his mouth. Then he will charge you and at the last second you must dodge under him and hit Y to finish him off.

Oddly enough, the level only gets harder from here.

You have two big rooms with several waves of enemies to contend with after finishing off Ashtear. Use the same strategies you've used to make it this far (including a lot of OL 360-Y spam) and you will eventually pull through, only to come face to face with the Regent of the Mask again.

For this fight, you only need to trigger a QTE once to end him. The problem you'll face is that he grabs much more than the last two fights, does more damage, and is generally more aggressive. My recommendation is to be very aggressive in this fight. Running XX spam will not get you very far in this fight at all and may get you killed faster than usual. Stay on him, wait for him to whiff attacks, and press XY. If you launch him, finish out with XXXX to slam him back down. If you do not, fire your bow in midair to prevent yourself from dropping into a grab, press Y to stab down at him, and press YY on landing to keep on the attack while having a very good chance to avoid his grab attempts. Once you deal enough damage he will attempt to create space and do his most damaging attack. He will telegraph it with his laugh and standing still before firing a projectile at you. If it hits, he will teleport to you and deal an incredibly unfair amount of damage, likely killing you. Wait for him to fire, dodge directly at him and launch him with XYXXXX. Do this one or two more times and he'll go down.

Day 8: Here we are at the final level. Day 8 is a cake-walk compared to Day 7's final stretch, but it's also one of the hardest levels. There are very few checkpoints, you will be attacked constantly by chimera and Alchemists, and have three bosses to contend with, including a final bout with the Regent of the...well, Unmasked at that juncture. I will focus on the boss fights since the normal encounters aren't terribly difficult for any players that have made it this far.

For Cliff, refer back to my second method for dealing with the gorilla chimera. Stay on him constantly, attack with XYYY or XXX until he blocks, avoid his grab attempts and normal attacks, and after you deal enough damage, he will cause a large explosion. The area it affects is marked on the ground, so dodge outside of it and once the flames clear, run in and attack until you slice off his arms. Repeat this three times and he will fly up into the air. IMMEDIATELY fire your bow at him or he will blast you into oblivion with energy attacks and you will have to re-do the fight. Once you fire your bow, the second stage begins and you will have earned a checkpoint in the fight. If you choose not to use my aggressive method of fighting, you may also hang back a bit and wait for opens to spam Flying Swallow at him. He is susceptible to it but will block it occasionally and grab you as you land. Mixing Flying Swallow with my primary method is a sound strategy that will give you some space if you need it.

Once you are on the second phase it's easy sailing. Avoid his blasts, kill his summoned enemies and save up an UT. Unleash the UT to knock him down and then attack him as aggressively as possible. You may kill him after downing him once but if not, repeat the steps to knock him down again. Once he's dead, we're on to an epic team-up!

The Regent of the Mask will reveal himself as Theodore and assist you. If you choose to, you can run away from fights during this section as not only will Theodore handily dispose of all of the enemies for you quite quickly, you even score combo points without touching any of them. Ideally, though, help the guy out so you can increase your Karma score for the leaderboards and possibly earn a ninpo if your health is getting low. This all leads up to a final confrontation with Theodore, though you can apply the same strategy as the previous fight here. He's actually slightly less aggressive in this fight but still quite dangerous. Keep on him until you cut him down.

For the final fight your only real enemy will be the framerate. There are multiple checkpoints in the fight, the Goddess clearly telegraphs all of her attacks, and she is what I consider to be the easiest boss in the game. For the first phase, kill enemies until you can fire off a ninpo. After you use the ninpo you will attack her arm and then forehead and be carried back up to the roof. Attack her arm as it slams down, dodge under her sword when she swings it, and keep it all going until she smashes the left-hand side of the roof. Attack her on the ground again, and once on the roof again repeat it all until the right side is smashed. Avoid that final attack and victory is yours.

03-30-2012, 05:08 AM
The Master Ninja mode guide is now complete! If anyone has additional tips or I made a mistake or forgot to include a fight you found difficult, let me know and I'll update it.

03-30-2012, 09:21 AM
Dude, your guide is gonna be priceless to me, even if I only intend to play it on Hard. Could you give us tips, for everyone like me who just plain SUCKS at this game, to learn to do some of the best moves? Give some pointers? I've watched a video of a guy with commentary who's discovering the game, and he does like 10 Izuna Drops in a row, and I still have to perform one...

I've gathered that you can Zangief in the air then follow by XXXY, but I've also seen that you can do it just by pressing XY then XXXY, but every time I do I slice the guy down into the ground, I don't do the Izuna, man I suck.

EDIT: I somehow managed to finish NG2 on Normal, which was incredible for me, and I 1Ked Bayonetta, so there might be hope for me yet on Hard, but I just don't get this game, please help!

03-30-2012, 10:10 AM
regent of the mask is the easiest boss no matter which phase/day you face him, imo. i would recommend holding y button and release when he's in range for the attack, and immediately back up (LT + Left Stick repeatedly) to create space between you and him to avoid the grabs/attacks, repeat and hold the Y button attack. it's pretty easy. i just find it hard to be aggressive.

hope this helps for those having difficulties with the regent mask. dont mean to hi-jack the thread :)

03-30-2012, 11:35 AM
Thanks for the work and effort you've put into this guide. I'm gonna finish hard by the weekend and then your guide is gonna come in handy.

03-30-2012, 05:01 PM
No such thing as thread hijacking here guys. Fill this thread up with tips. I'll be continuing to add to it as people are telling me they had trouble with fights I didn't think to mention.

Asturgis, if you can give me some specific things to help you with, I will. Kinda hard to do a full-on tutorial, though.

03-30-2012, 10:27 PM
For your fight with the Regent of the Mask (and all subsequent fights), you can go one of two ways. The first, and safest, way is to use hit and run tactics. Wait for him to whiff an attack and punish quickly with XX or something else that is quick. Then dash away and wait him out again.

this helps alot as well, very effective :)

i see that you're in the top 10 for clearing Master ninja. only 51 people so far.

edit: starting my MN journey.

03-30-2012, 11:14 PM
Yeah I was fourth when I first finished. I didn't do a karma run, though, so I'll eventually get knocked a bit down by people going through purely for karma. I'm not sure that I'll bother, honestly.

Glad the tips are helping though!

03-31-2012, 12:55 AM
reaching the first eagle checkpoint in day 1 took me 1.5hrs.

off topic tho, the leaderboards only shows the top 100?

03-31-2012, 01:11 AM
Honestly I'm not sure. I would hope not, as seeing your name on the leaderboard is pretty much the only reward the game gives you for beating MN this time around lol.

03-31-2012, 02:58 AM
Honestly I'm not sure. I would hope not, as seeing your name on the leaderboard is pretty much the only reward the game gives you for beating MN this time around lol.

well, i've been checking the trials (acolyte difficulty) leaderboards and i only see the top 100. i don't even know where i rank.

03-31-2012, 06:00 AM
That's mighty stupid of Team NINJA. On the bright side, with the way sales are looking as long as you beat Master Ninja or any of the MN or UN trials you're likely to be guaranteed a spot.

03-31-2012, 02:50 PM
reaching the first eagle checkpoint in day 1 took me 1.5hrs.

Same here, at least NG2 allowed you to backtrack and save your game. I had to leave before I could reach the eagle, meaning that I lost all my progress. Are we supposed to keep on playing until the game grudgingly allows us to do something else with our lives? The hell with this game.

The frame rate issues are just atrocious. And it starts right at the beginning of chapt1, Team ninja clearly doesn't give a shit.

03-31-2012, 08:11 PM
You should see the final boss. One of the easiest bosses in the game gets incredibly frustrating because the framerate gets annihilated.

03-31-2012, 09:11 PM
Same here, at least NG2 allowed you to backtrack and save your game. I had to leave before I could reach the eagle, meaning that I lost all my progress. Are we supposed to keep on playing until the game grudgingly allows us to do something else with our lives? The hell with this game.

The frame rate issues are just atrocious. And it starts right at the beginning of chapt1, Team ninja clearly doesn't give a shit.

3hrs or so for day 1 and yet my final result is 35mins total for completing it lol.

03-31-2012, 11:03 PM
Maybe Team Ninja decided that the best thing about NG2 was chapter 10's stair fight, so they decided that NG3's MN should be all about corridor button mashing an endless stream of identical enemies in slow motion ;) ?

04-01-2012, 12:25 AM
Best theory yet. I approve! Lol.

04-01-2012, 12:39 PM
For what it's worth, I have a tip versus alchemists, but it doesn't work in day 1 because you need hayate's sword or genshin's blade. It works on hard and MN trials, so I guess it works in story mode MN as well, but I'll probably never test it myself because I'm going to sell this game very soon. Anyway:

XXXXXY while running. If the second X connects, the 3rd X launches the alchemist in the air and the Y move triggers bleeding state.

Hope it helps.

04-01-2012, 09:08 PM
I already hate MNM. The big fight on day 1 with the military after the first stealth kill and the falcon dive took me one and a half hours. I'm really not looking forward to day 6 and the fight on the boat where you have to disable the to turrets on day 7. The constant grabbing is driving me nuts.

04-01-2012, 09:19 PM
It does get worse but you can use the bow as a get out of jail free card if you get too frustrated. Your score will suffer though. Make it to Day 2 and it's just a matter of time. Take breaks though or you will break something.

04-01-2012, 09:26 PM
trying to complete a chapter/day one day at a time.

i want my tonfa, lunar staff, and the sword of the archfiend (dual weilded w/ the dragon sword). tho, those weapons made the game alot easier plus helps alot beating MN and UN trials in Sigma 2. :)

04-01-2012, 09:43 PM
I really was close to throwing my controller in the tv. But knowing that turning the xbox off without getting to a save falcon would result in doing everything over again kept me going.
Congrats to everyone that already have beaten MNM.

Dark Anaconda
04-01-2012, 09:50 PM
EDIT: Nevermind...was the wrong thread

04-20-2012, 08:39 AM
are there any tips since the two weapons are finally out now, which combos make certain enemy types easier? i don't like the on landing 360 move for the DS much...

04-20-2012, 05:47 PM
As an extra tip for day 2 boss, you can actually one shot the jet pack guys. Just lock on them, and aim manually (right stick) to the fuel depot on the side of the jetpack. BOOOM!. You want to take them out ASAP, so is worth trying

Hope this helps. I'm on day 3, sick and tired of grab spamming. No way is harder than NG2 though, let alone Black.

04-20-2012, 06:23 PM
At the final wave here the game will break continuity with other difficulties for the first (and not last) time and have you fight three Alchemists.

Game breaks continuity before that with both the dogs and the dagger mercenary guys showing up well before the alchemists.

I also disagree with you a little, though I'm still on Day One so what do I know, about focusing the armored guys first. I think that targeting the weak enemies is your best bet for a couple of reasons.

1) It gets your ultimate technique up faster
2) It gets your Ninpo up faster
3) Especially when using the scythe, it gives you the possibility of doing a chain of Steel on Bone attacks that can take out a half dozen enemies or so.

Just my two cents. I'll need to get deeper into the game to comment more on your tactics.

04-22-2012, 06:53 AM
alchemist, the best way to beat them is running up a wall and press :ybut:

04-22-2012, 06:30 PM
If your health is doing alright, I would say avoid looping enemies and go for every OT possible. At the final wave here the game will break continuity with other difficulties for the first (and not last) time and have you fight three Alchemists. Make sure to save a UT or Ninpo for this fight to make it as easy as possible.

Just did this area, and your UT sometimes disappears between waves. Save a Ninpo for the Alchemists, don't risk your UT failing you at the last moment.

04-23-2012, 12:34 AM
Just did this area, and your UT sometimes disappears between waves. Save a Ninpo for the Alchemists, don't risk your UT failing you at the last moment.

i usually take my chances right after the wave ends and before the next wave starts, thats when i cast my ninpo before it disappears. only thing is that the ninpo might disappear if you time it wrong

04-23-2012, 05:33 PM
The Ninpo never disappeared for me, it was always the UT.

04-25-2012, 01:30 AM
The Ninpo never disappeared for me, it was always the UT.

sorry didn't quite read your post.

05-04-2012, 08:18 PM
I normally wouldn't post here about having trouble (especially because I've only died in this area 26 times so far) but I'm feeling lazy today so I'll post about it anyway.

Day 6, the second fight against the Orange Daggers, Bikers, and Alchemists. In the "low visibility" area. I can get to the second wave of alchemists, but once they start spawning with their black energy on it just starts getting ridiculous, especially when you can't see them charging up their energy in the snow. It doesn't help that the white alchemists are apparently designed specifically to screw with your ultimate techniques, and that the bows targeting priorities are so screwed up that it ALWAYS prioritizes the Orange Dagger enemies that are immune to your freaking arrows, so you get hit with rockets in mid air or run over by the stupid bikes.

I've actually almost perfected by ability to do 360 attacks in this area just because that's the only way to fight these many of the Dagger soldiers and live without abusing the level 4 abilities of the claws and the scythe. I've been trying the Y ->YXXXY combo with the Talons for the Alchemists, but there are too many enemies in the area to pull it off without getting wacked, plus there's always one Dagger enemy left that the game loves to prioritize instead.

So how did you guys get through this area?

05-05-2012, 01:55 AM
^^ I circled the area to take out the Bikes ASAP and used Claws Wind Run >YY OT for the orange dagger guys, it makes short work of them and is very safe. Saved the UT until the Alchemists showed up and bunched up the few soldiers that were left and used Scythe UT to take them all out. For the Alchemists, Claws again, Wind Run >Slide Stun Y >YXXXY, it destroys them.

05-06-2012, 05:43 PM
How are the DLC weapons supposed to make MNM any easier?
I've read it numerous times that they fit the MNM playthrough and outplay the DS.

Struggling hard against the berets in Day 1 right now, ive only made it once to the alchemists, yet I've had my best results with the DS OL-360 and WindJump->Hop->FS, but I still find myself (especially due to the insane random input lag I suppose) getting into unsafe situations, meaning Ryu not dodging and getting grabbed constantly.
He just seems to be f***** rooted occasionally.

Any tips how to (ab)use the Claws/Scythe?

05-06-2012, 07:02 PM
I find that the claws are best for izuna drops. Which is pretty all you will be doing on Master Ninja. As for the scythe, its great for chaining steel on bone attacks. And even more importantly, you can lift chimeras and even theodore off the ground with an XY combo. The day seven fight with Theodore is extremely easy when you lift him off the ground like that

05-06-2012, 07:12 PM
And how would you chain SoB attacks with the Scythe ?

05-06-2012, 08:32 PM
My favorite combo to chain with is XXXXYY I believe(its been a while). Ryu will most likely initiate a steel on bone if the second Y connects, i.e. the enemy doesnt block. Simply continue to press X. Ryu will steel on bone that enemy and should twirl the scythe around. If another enemy is anywhere nearby Ryu will connect with them and automatically steel on bone them as well. You can clear entire rooms in this manner. However, note that chaining to stronger enemies will end the chain, such as chimera (although you do kill them, the chain ends.) Hope this helps

05-06-2012, 09:55 PM
And how would you chain SoB attacks with the Scythe ?

The same way you do with the claws and the sword. After Steel on Boning an enemy with X, not Y, just press X again.

Any tips how to (ab)use the Claws/Scythe?
The Scythe's jump 360 Y is incredibly powerful, massive range, and you can chain it together over and over again even if you mistime it, which isn't something you can easily do with the claws or the sword.

This is especially good against Alchemists. The Scythe's range is a so massive and the weapon itself is so powerful that you'll always hit and stagger them before they can close the distance on you or hit you with any of their melee attacks.

Also, if you can guarantee a steel on bone attack, the Scythe is the best way to chain SoBs. Its range is incredible and Ryu also spins an incredible distance when he tries it, so a chain is almost guaranteed.

05-06-2012, 11:31 PM
Awesome, thanks.

Seems like I missed out an important feat of the game..didnt know you could chain SoBs...so basically the displayed 'Y' in SoB QTEs is NOT what you should do...interesting.

05-07-2012, 12:29 AM
No, you need to do Ys when they show up, but you can't chain the SoBs with that.

And yeah, I had to start playing the Trials to figure it out.