View Full Version : Gun Control achievement question

03-28-2012, 10:53 PM
I just read achievements guide about this Gun Control cheevo so I want know will able get this achievement after beat game once because there more side quests after game complete?

I am on first playthrough using without killing enemies just knock them downs so which best faster way to get Gun Control cheevo?

Able to do it after complete game once or new playthrough to get this or even reload any load sections in load menu after game complete like you can reload any load sections in between playthrough?

Edit: I start new playthrough again because I want to do easy difficulty and hard puzzle for cheevo so I not bother about without killing enemies so i can get gun control cheevo since some side quests have kill enemies anyway so I can force side quests and kill type of enemies for cheevos :). :)

03-28-2012, 11:25 PM
its actually easier to just melee since the stupid gun dot keeps moving, i normally waste more bullets missing, when i could of just run up an hit the dam thing in the head 2-3 times an be done