View Full Version : Shadow of the Colossal Donut, target time walkthrough.

04-02-2012, 02:37 AM
I searched all over trying to find a walkthrough or video for beating the target time on this level, for some odd reason there doesn’t seem to be one. In order to get this done in 4 minutes on single player everything has to go perfectly. Obviously if you can do this in two player I highly suggest you do that. However this guide will work for either.

When you first start off as Bart, run right at Lard Lad and get behind him, jump as you run to avoid his ground stomp attacks as best as you can, once behind him shoot the first hatch and jump up to do your thing.

As soon as you hit the Y button immediately jump off and start running through the construction site toward the back of the map, as soon as you clear the back fence you should get the grapple prompt to come up. Immediately use that to grapple up to the building with the two mattresses. Right behind that is another building with a mattress on the roof, get on top of there and hide behind that mattress. He will walk past slowly, once he’s slightly past you, run to the edge of the building and shoot the second hatch. Jump off to land on the open hatch and do your thing. (Should you miss there is a dumpster right there to get back up for a second attempt.)

Now immediately switch to Homer, he will usually be around the construction site. Lard Lad will run back to the front of the map near the correctional facility. (The tall blue building with barbed wire around the top.)

Use Homer Ball to smash the fire hydrant next to this building, this will give a water stream for Bart to fly up and land on top, however once on top as Bart, jump down into the yard area, this will keep Lard Lad from noticing Bart so all his attention will be on Homer, there is a dumpster there that Bart can use to get back up in a minute.

Now the hard part, this took me a few tries to get right, you have to use Homer to lure Lard Lad next to the building (Between it and the Crusty Burger worked best for me) and face away long enough for Bart to do his thing on the last hatch. This is incredibly frustrating because Lard Lad seems to have a sixth sense about turning around the second you switch to Bart. Even when you do get a clear shot at his hatch, he’s often to far away for Bart to fly to it with his cape. If this happens you may as well quit out and try again.

This missions target time was the only one I found frustrating, luring Lard Lad where you need him to be is more a stroke of pure luck rather than strategy, but once I got it to work I beat the level in 3:09. I hope this helps anyone who’s having difficulty like I was.