View Full Version : Mages

04-02-2012, 06:48 PM
What's the best way to deal with mages? I know i had a tough time with them then i first played through the game and that was only on normal so im dreading the hardmode difference

04-02-2012, 06:51 PM
Izuna or Flying Swallow. They're very weak even on master ninja. Just don't show them any respect and you'll be fine.

04-03-2012, 05:07 PM
On hard against them I'm fine just repeating AAAAA and, of course, dodging they're attacks all the time. Like: AAAAA --> left stick + LT ---> AAAAA and so on.
I personally had troubles using Izuna on them. Not sure about Flying Swallow.

04-04-2012, 06:31 AM
I think you mean XXXXX. A is jump.