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04-05-2012, 08:41 AM
I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but over the coming weeks RedLynx will be rolling out a total of 32 videos explaining the major features of the track editor. The first two are up, along with a quick intro to the series. It's great of RL to get these out ahead of the game so folks can get familiar with the new features. I'm not much of a track builder myself, but with everything you can do with the editor in Evo I'm sure it'll be fun to mess around with. I'll try and add links to the new videos as they're rolled out.

Intro - http://youtu.be/BmetWIQN8tM
01: The Basics - http://youtu.be/NQG27eGs3X8
02: Spline Points and Checkpoints - http://youtu.be/HMfI6TfKX7c
03: Objects - http://youtu.be/2J9PS3uSqy4
04: Track Settings - http://youtu.be/gdYYmDdEVGA
05: Advanced Objects - http://youtu.be/wIUx0hznUas
06: Game Camera - http://youtu.be/pgzmEm1lpa0
07: Custom Cameras - http://youtu.be/7uDpuTcnjfU
08: Bike Rider - http://youtu.be/9S-JRNeAYNc
09: Physics Bubble - http://youtu.be/FGRv5EGAgjU
10: Glueing, Grouping and Favorites - http://youtu.be/m3wPbLz9Ef0
11: Editor Settings - http://youtu.be/q3DH7YINHBk
12: Seed Buildings - http://youtu.be/2bAhb9w9b88
13: Terrain Mods - http://youtu.be/vtLEChghOjg
14: Custom Environment Settings - http://youtu.be/TfFZPqdyt4s
15: Area Tools - http://youtu.be/OcWzcErp6rA
16: Sound Sources - http://youtu.be/A50zCyY2wIA