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04-09-2012, 03:12 AM
CREDIT: Goes to MemoriesOfFinal for finding this method for Abyss Mode. If you want to thank anyone, thank him I own NOTHING! I am simply posting it here on 360a. Not getting sued again over bullcrap guides. Now let's begin! :D

Tired of cheap A.I? Fed up with trying search for random items you'll never know will appear in the first place? Sick of the A.I somehow gaining the upper hand on you at the spur of the moment in battle resulting in a loss? Well now you can finally flip the script on them with this naughty tactic! This method will make grinding for the Abysmal Shopaholic achievement go much smoother. It also helps with obtaining P$ to cover costs for purchasing everything in the Gallery as well as items to equip your character for any other Abyss playthroughs when searching for more items!

Arakune Method
It is recommended you use a Turbo Controller for this, fight sticks with Turbo functionality also work. Although not 100% required, it will make this method a lot less enduring. You'll overall need the following:

1. Turbo Controller(optional)
2. Arakune Enhanced item
3. Turn Unlimited item
4. A.I Reduction(any level) or Destruction Drive item

If you don't have some of the things then that's fine please continue to read for help!

Step 1
Go to Options from the main menu and go to the Button Configurations. This can also be accessed from the pause menu during gameplay.

Step 2
Go to the bottom option where it has A+B+C+D and assign the X button to it. Go to the top and select End to save these settings.

Step 3
Go to Abyss Mode and select Arakune under Technical mode, DO NOT use Stylish mode.

Step 4
Equip Arakune with Turn Unlimited, Arakune Enhancement, as well as A.I Reduction.

Any other 3rd item works but you'll want to use something cheap and effective(unless money is not a problem for you) since you'll be replacing for 3rd item with whatever NEW items you come across. ALWAYS keep Turn Unlimited and Arakune Enhancement only replace the other 3rd item, whichever you choose. When you get down to 1 or 2 items remaining that you need you'll want to use Distortion Destructive as your 3rd item when starting up.

Missing Some of these Items?
If you don't have Turn Unlimited you can repeatedly play Lv 3 Depth 900-999, that's where I was lucky enough to find it after defeating Unlimited Hazama at Depth 980. Save with LB right before getting to Depth 980 and keep loading up the fight and defeating Hazama until you get the item you're looking for. If you don't see anything NEW then hit guide button and exit to the dashboard. Repeat until it hopefully pops.

For Arakune Enhancement this can be unlocked by completing Abyss Mode with Arakune. Simply play Lv 1 Depth 100 and equip a Depth +90 item before starting your quest. You'll start out at Depth 90 when starting the game! Now just work your way to the Depth 100 Boss and defeat him for it to unlock. Enhancements can also be unlocked in Lv 4 Infinity Mode.

It's ok if you don't have neither A.I Reduction nor Destruction Drive. Items that appear after defeating "New Challengers" are pretty random so simply use whatever item in your 3rd slot you find most effective until you finally come across Destruction Drive or A.I Reduction.

Battle Strategy
This is very simple. Simply repeatedly push the X button that you assigned A+B+C+D to. Keep pressing X and Arakune will do a pelvic thrust motion(his grab animation) while calling insects against your opponent. As silly as it looks it works and will win nearly all of your matches without any serious effort. Taokaka will be your only threat because for some reason she can still do Distortions even WITH the Anti Distortion item equipped to you.

If you have a Turbo Controller you can simply turn the turbo on for the X button and let it press X for you. Make sure you're nearby to select your items after winning an item battle.

All credit for this method goes to MemoriesOfFinal. If you want to thank somebody thank him, I am only posting it here.

Important Abyss Mode Tips
*Every 100 Depths you descend you will be given the option to "Stop Searching". You may want to make use of this in Infinity Mode or wherever if things are looking bleak or you want to play it safe and keep all your Items or Reward(which turns into P$ upon leaving Abyss). Infinity Mode lasts up to 99,999 Depths mind you so using this option is pretty much a must.

*Save often! Sometimes the A.I can beat you because you were low on health from previous bouts. So hit LB after winning a fight as often as you can. When you somehow lose, quickly exit to the dashboard and reload your save.

*Most of the rare items can be found under Lv 3 Depth 999 between 800-999. You can also use Infinity Mode to find some of the more rare items as well as Character Enhancements.

*Money an issue? Then use this Arakune Method to grind for P$! Since you can opt to "stop exploring" the Abyss every 100 depths. Start up Lv 4 Infinity Mode from Depth 1 and unless there's a NEW item available, always grab the Reward prize at the bottom and watch your P$ skyrocket. Opt to stop exploring at wherever 100th depth you wish to have your reward transfer into P$. This will help you cover costs for stat and special items for any subsequent Abyss playthroughs!

Doopliss SWE
05-08-2012, 12:33 AM
Another tip for this method, if you're doing it manually, is to always start the match with the 632146+C Distortion, if you have enough heat. It beats almost anything, the only thing that has hit me out of it in this situation was when Hakumen did his Counter DD at the same time. If you spam bugs when doing it, you'll get at least 10 depth (when deeper than 900 you'll get about 9 though), so do it again and you'll get to the next challenger very quickly. Also, landing the 236236C distortion generates a lot of depth as well, maybe even more if you're able to connect with a lot of bugs during it.

Another thing you can do, at least against annoying challengers, is to use your 236236A distotion at the start. A lot of characters throw out an attack the first thing they do, which results in them dying instantly. Works well on Hazama and high level Arakune and Hakumen, but can be attempted on anyone since the recovery is instant, and you can just jump away and spam bugs if they don't seem to fall for it. During the super freeze you can see what you're opponent is doing, and make a decition to block high, low, or run based on that.

Another option for your 3rd gem slot is lvl.3 chip damage. if you use two 632146C distortions, the first will drain their barrier, and the 2nd will pretty much kill them instantly. lvl.2 is quite effective as well if you don't have lvl.3. Since this doesn't generate any depth, it could make your run take slightly more time though.

10-23-2012, 10:40 PM
I actually got this fairly easily with Bang, max Heat and attack, and equip Berserker level 3 (do extra damage while draining your health). Start off with the Justice walk when the match begins, which hits nearly every time and does a LOT of dmg, straight out kills taokaka and carl and most others are very close to death. Just delay it a bit after start so they dont jump over it.

See where opponents health is at, you might be able to rapid cancel and go into 5C > 2C > 623B to finish them off. Or use the 63214.6B nail distortion as they get up in the corner. They'll most likely try to hit you and get caught in it, or guard. Or you could just go in for another Justice Walk. the nails do much more damage than the walk as you go further down.

Just make sure to save often in case you mess up. Each round should take maybe 3-5 seconds game time.

12-23-2012, 09:15 PM
Just a helpful tip: do NOT try and beat Mu-12 at 999 without the Distortion Drive upgrade. I went through 999 twice, both w/o it and it was an absolute nightmare taking a lot of resets. Granted it's possible but don't get overconfident like I did and just try and reset before 999 to try and get it.

This guide is pretty freaking legit though. I will say that after you break 1k's it almost feels like the AI literally is just programmed to beat you. With this method, I'm currently at 12XX and die 50% of the time.