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Nico here! This is my first time doing anything like this, but my love for Silent Hill 3 is beyond normal (Like weirdly beyond normal).


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Estimated time for 1000: Greatly varies; 10-30 Hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 7 (Silent Hill 2); 4-5 (Silent Hill 3)
- Missable achievements: Warp Speed, Playing on the Edge, Hard to Hit, Adrenaline Junkie, Makes my Head Hurt, and Ninja
- Glitched achievements: The ones to save less than twice becomes locked if you select continue form the main menu
- Offline: 1000 (All)
- Online: None

Step 1: Start with any game you want
You can either start with Silent Hill 2 or 3, it doesn't make a difference, unless you're one of those people who likes their achievements in order (Those who played Call of Duty 4 know what I'm talking about.)

Step 2: Silent Hill 3: Under 3+ Hours, 2 or less saves, and Boss Acheivements
I personally started with Silent Hill 3, being that it was the most recent game I had played. First off, select easy for both the difficulty and Riddle Level, and go for the normal ending (being that the UFO ending doesn't unlock until you get the Heather/Sexy Beam), and try to beat it in under 3 hours. Now you don't have to rush through it if you simply want to enjoy the game, but I highly recommend you do so you can enjoy it on the other playthroughs. Here's a FAQ (http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/632698-silent-hill-hd-collection/faqs/26819) for Hard Mode, but I used it as a speed guide. If you're playing on easy, you should easily kill the bosses in less than the amount given. For the 2 saves or less, DO NOT select continue. It penalizes you, therefore voiding the playthrough. Here are the recommended locations for you to save:

1. Heather's Apartment (Before you fight the Missionary)
2. Alessa's Room (Before you fight God, just in case you die)
1. Outside the Mansion in the Amusement Park
2. Anywhere in the final area

Step 3: Weapons, Possesed + UFO Ending, and 500 Damage or less
Congrats, you just killed God. Like the bad one. Anyways, you should have the majority of the acheivements (you shouldn't have the 75 kills for the weapons yet). If you killed more enemies with guns, you'll unlock the Unlimited Flamethrower, and the Beam Saber if you killed more enemies with a Melee weapon. Had you finished off God with a melee weapon, you'll unlock the Unlimited SMG. Once you start a new game, you can get the new weapons. The locations are:

-Unlimited SMG: Hop out the window of the bathroom, and turn to your left. It's on a stack of boxes.
-Flamethrower: On the counter in Bakery, where you find the Tongs.
-Beam Saber: Found at the end of the hallway where you get the bookstore key. It's the doorknob
-Silencer: (If you missed this on your first time through, you can easily get it later.) Before you drop the matress in the Construction Site 5th floor, look to the right, and examine the wall there. The wall looks brittle enough. Use the Maul to hit it once, and the Silencer drops out.
-Gold and Silver Pipe: Before you plug the Dryer into the Outlet at the Sewers, stand at the
water's edge and press circle. Drop the pipe into the water, a fairy will appear. Answer her
questions truthfully (no, no, yes) to get the Gold and Silver Pipes.

Now, start a new game. Hopefully you have at least one of the weapons mentioned above. Now you are aiming for the Possesed Ending, so allow every enemy to hit you you at least once, and kill EVERY enemy you meet up with. Forgive the person in the confession booth. Not sure on this, but burn through every healing item when you fight God, and kill him/her with your health in the Red. You should get the ending you were aiming for. Now for the next playthrough, you'll unlock either the Beam Saber or the Flamethrower automatically (Say you got the Flamethrower first. Now beat the game again, and you'll unlock the Beam Saber in the new game after.) Now, you guessed play through the game AGAIN, but this time, try not get hit. With the extra weapons, this should be easy. If you killed enough enemies, you should unlock the Heather Beam for the next playthrough. Now for next one, only use the Heather Beam until you get to the Apartments. You'll be in for a suprise.

Step 4: Mop up
Here's your chance to shine again, so this should be the time you finish up anything. The one you easily miss on Easy playthroughs is the melee weapon kills, so aim for either one you need. Overall, Silent Hill 3 is easy, and you get an achievemnt for getting all the other ones for Silent Hill 3.

Step 5: Silent Hill 2
Oh yes, the most mind twisting game ever made. For easy acheivements, I recommend playing on Easy, and Hard Riddle Level (you'll see why soon).

Step 6: Easy with Hard Riddle Mode

How was that? I'll update it once I play Silent Hill 2.

04-10-2012, 04:25 AM
Didn't know there was a roadmap for this. Sorry for any inconvinence!