View Full Version : Some long videos while you wait...

04-13-2012, 08:17 AM
Only a few more days to go for the release of one of the best xbla games ever made (yes I can state that without having played it)...I found myself going around youtube looking for good videos to ease my impatience, and thought I would share the better videos.

40 minutes of gameplay (By Gamespot). There is a Limbo inspired map (reminiscent of "1 bit trip" from HD) and the final track they show, called "Gigatrack"...takes they guy 11 minutes to get through it.
GameSpot Now Playing - Trials Evolution - YouTube

14 minute video that shows some cool stuff.
Trials Evolution Gameplay Demo (Xbox 360) - YouTube

Here is part 1 of 16 (so far) track editor tutorials released by Redlynx. I made 1 track on Trials HD, but I plan to study these tutorials and make many this time around.
Trials Evolution - Editor Tutorial #1 - The Basics - YouTube