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04-16-2012, 11:06 PM
My description of The Cursed Crusade would be:
A Hack-and-Slash videogame set in the fourth crusade. Features Denz and Esteban working together to free themselves from an ancient curse while the high barons of the crusade are conspiring to gain the holy relics for themselves for power. Can be played solo, splitscreen Co-Op or Xbox LIVE Co-Op. The curse powers allow Denz and Esteban to turn the world into flames, and deliver punishing blows to their enemies. Death is always chasing after the duo, who defeats him multiple times in "Nightmares".

Lets get started with..

You can carry multiple weapons at the same time. This consists of: 1 2-handed weapon, a shield, 2 one-handed weapons which can be dual-wielded, and a crossbow/bow. You pick up these weapons from fallen enemies, but they break rather quickly and damage is mitigated if your blade is broken. You have your basic health, and armor protects your health. The game features a deep and complex weapon combo system, and you can unlock new ways to kill by spending Victory Points (VP) which are gained after a mission. You also get a victory point to spend on stats (Armor, Health, Templar Curse, Weapon, and Strength (Damage). So, you have your light attack, and your heavy attack, along with a stun move. You can also perform co-op combos to finish off your opponent in style. Combine light and heavy attacks to form combos, and you also have the Templar Curse. While in this state, you can use flame-type attacks to burn your enemies, and also co-op heal. (Hint: this comes in handy starting chapter 3:1). Now, the bad part of this system is that your partner, Esteban always goes after enemies. This means you must kill all the enemies to proceed (because Esteban is trying to be a hero). This can be a bit frustrating when you want him to help destroy a gate, or move an obstacle. Also, the weapons break FAR too easily. Maybe after 10 kills with a longsword it breaks and you are left with a butter knife. There are some game-breaking or mission-breaking bugs I have encountered. Sometimes, context-sensitives do not appear to work, and sometimes Esteban dissapears entirely (You have to backtrack quite a bit in this case).
Overall, a bit of improvement (or a big title update) could make this game better.

Cutscenes are alot of the gametime. You can skip them, but hey, its story. The story is quite linear (which is good for this type of game). However, a treasure hunt for some relics is kind of weak and could've been improved on. The ending is quite disappointing, which leaves me to wonder if they're planning a The Cursed Crusade II.

These definitely arent 2011 Graphics, however they are good. The battlefield looks good, though a bit of anti-aliasing could've made it better. I didn't mind it while i was playing, so it wasnt much of a big issue for me.

Typical medieval hack-and-slash soundtrack. Nothing special.