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04-17-2012, 04:52 AM
Me and my friend where having this chat the other day about that game. He is full hyped about it coming out when personally i am more like "another Ghost Recon.. ok... ill pass". I will explain...

I tough both GRAW 1 and 2 where decent games in term of Solo play, altough they aged a lot since there kinda old. But for there time, they where find. I remember i actually liked a lot the GRAW2 campaign when i did it not long after release of the game. I got GRAW1 cheap because of that and just started it last year. Haven't finished it , but well there was a certain game call GOW3 released between... so well.

Anyway what im trying to say is that the solo was very decent. BUT the MP of GRAW2 was probably one of the most horrible terribly craptastic MP experience i ever had. When i say that i mean, FRUS-TRA-TING. To a point where cheap MP of games like The Darkness(wich was a good solo game) seem like a breeze compare.

Why?... ONE WORD... 7 letters, C-A-M-P-I-N-G

And i am spelling it like that cause it deserve to be. I mean i play COD, i play GOW, i know camping... Even tough there is camping in those game, especially COD, it never bugged me out that much, there is always that sniper camper hiding in a corner with a thermal scope but there is plenty of people playing normally.

Yet in GRAW2, every game was a camping fest. For one main reason... the teams spawning always at the same place, meaning a flanking was impossible joined by an uber too large map with mutliple open areas when 1 bullet in the chest is enough to kill... not to mention the game have automatic snipers....

So well i remember i worked hard to get my 350 kills achievements(at that time i didn't boost anything at all) at 300 i was ready to trash that game already but i wanted at least my 350. The 500 one was a no go easily for me.

I never been more frustrate by a game before, it was just a test of patience to see who would camp to most, who would advance the more slower and who would loose its patience... I even saw 1 of my teamate in a game that remained prone at the same place for a whole TDM waiting somebody pass in his scope... He finished with around 3 kills... wich is very few, yet he didn't die so he was happy of his shot :confused:

Im not just a run and gunner, when i play GOW i know sometimes i need to take my time behind cover and all, but i don't get why a game like GRAW2 used the system of 1 bullet kill when the maps (and more importantly spawn) are designed this way. Imagine GOW3 with everybody having a long shot that kill with 1 bullet instantly(like the one shot) from the get go... That would be crap and even there the game have small maps mostly(way smaller than GRAW) and use cover(wich GRAW2 didn't in MP)

So all this rambling to say, any word on the MP, any idea if its gonna look anything like GRAW2?

Cause like i said GRAW2 = Worst MP experience in my life... easily. Even games like soldier of forture where very goofy and dumb in MP yet they where so goofy it was fun...

04-17-2012, 03:34 PM
There hasn't been much revealed on the MP so far and considering the date probably won't be much until the game releases.

However from what i have seen it appears the team that sticks together and more importantly, works together, will prosper against any campers.

04-18-2012, 06:15 AM
I see...

Team Work is good yet bad at the same time for me. I like playing GOW as a team and defend the power weapons, stuff like that, make a battle plan but at the same time i love just running around in the map like COD (since i play 80% of the time alone) and the winning team is based on the K/D stats and thats it. (Got to admit i hate when i see my teamate at 2/16 tough)

But in any case the stuff i mention above could be easily fix by having spawning position randomly , at least a guy would have to look his back ocasionaly and couldn't just stay prone all game long. Ubisoft seem to love that way of doing... Thats why i hardly ever did TDM in Rainbow Six 1 and was just doing free for all(when i never do this in any other game, mostly because as soon as you finish second you get a loss... rainbow had no stats in player match) and in R6-V2 i did leader. All games ended up in a spawn trap for 1 team and i tought this was extremely crap...

04-19-2012, 11:34 AM
The way Future Soldier spawn system works is, if it detects spawn killing...it opens up new spawn paths.
Will also be hard to camp with the engineers censor grenade, has a huge radius and can detect anyone in the area of effect. Although right now I find it a bit too large of an area, almost like having a wall hack but it will definitely hurt campers. I don't mind camping myself but whatever :D