View Full Version : Mercenaries High Scores

04-21-2012, 02:30 PM
Hello everybody, I was just wondering what kind of scores the members of this site get on The Mercenaries.

And what characters/stages you prefer or can't stand!

On the 360 version (I got some decent scores on the Wii/GC)

Village: 118460 (Ada)
Castle: 116970 (Ada)
Construction: 114670 (Wesker)
Waterworld: 100370 (Ada)
(I know I have a better score on another system, and I'll drag it out later)

I figure you guys get a sense of the character I do the best with. Also, really like Hunk and Krauser.

Leon is strong, but I have some trouble with the Garradors of Castle and the Super Salvadores on Waterworld.

Wesker is just middle of the road for me.