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Demon Bob
04-23-2012, 08:21 AM
To get the Jedi Master Ranking you must defeat Darth Vader in less than 59 seconds.

I'm not saying that this run will work, but it worked for me. This is my step by step guide on how I did it.

You will not complete this with blocks and dodges, great and perfect parries are the way forward. As stated above dodges are better than blocks and parries are better than dodges. It took me a while to get used to them but all you have to do is swing in from the same direction, for example:

If darth vader is swinging from up to down, you should also do the same. If Vader is swinging from down to up, swing from down to up. It is quite difficult to explain but if you practice you should get to grips with it quickly.

Getting used to the parries and performing them as quickly as you can is the key beating him. The stage is split into 3 sections, I will try and explain what I did and hopefully it will help you. I completed it in 56 seconds.

NOTE: When you are in the attack mode, Vader will sometimes stagger back out of range of your attacks, don’t throw objects at him at that point as most of the time they miss and also you will not get the attack multiplier for hitting him with an object whilst attacking with your lightsaber.

Part 1
Obviously try to get the parries; his moves seem to be random every time so there isn’t a way of predicting which way he is going to strike other than watching his movements. During this part remember not to jump or dodge in any direction as the boxes on your left will help you a lot. If you can score enough time from getting perfect parries you will override the overly annoying clash and can have your wicked way with Vader. Once you can attack, instantly put out your hand and grab for the boxes/droids? directly to your left and hurl them towards Vader whilst ALSO attacking with your lightsaber as this will give your an attack multiplier which takes his health down faster. By skipping the clash you should be able to easily take him down in one. If you haven't completed this part in less than around 18-19 seconds I would restart. The quickest I could possibly do this round was about 15 seconds.

Part 2
Probably the easiest of all the rounds again stay in the same position and get ready to watch his movement and perform those great and perfect parries if you don’t end up skipping the clash I would restart, unless your really fast at getting them off you I wouldn’t advise it as the clash animation takes about 3 seconds of your time. Once you can attack, do the same as last time, attack with your lightsaber whilst you are throwing objects at him, this corridor has many objects in the walsl to grab, you get more damage for hitting him with more than one object but considering the amount that are in here you will usually grab more than one without doing it intentionally. If you haven’t completed this with about 35-37 seconds on your clock, restart. I know its annoying having to restart but trust me you need extra time in the last event to finish Vader off.

Part 3
OK, the final! If you have been following the time so far you should have around 22-24 seconds left to complete the last section. Towards the end of the cut scene start jumping, you want to get on the other side of Vader as quickly as possible, the only downside is that he attacks as soon as you land and it’s quite hard to tell where he is coming from. I just picked a direction when I landed and tried to parry, it’s a one in four chance and I sometimes got it. Now you will notice the structure in the background with loads of nice objects to pelt at Vader. So, continue trying to get your great and perfect parries. Once again when you can attack grab the objects behind him and fling them at Vader whilst attacking with your lightsaber. Once you have his energy down you will have to empty his bar again for the finish, this should only take you a couple of seconds but when you have only got 59 seconds to defeat DARTH VADER two seconds is quite a lot!

As I said I got 56 second after about an hour of studying this level, just focus on his movements and you should be fine. It’s one of those things you’re not going to do first time, practice, practice!


When attacking with the lightsaber, vary your attack. I found it best to do right to left up to down. I was using my right hand but I think using a different “attack combo” also gives you an attack boost multiplier.

If there is anything I might be able to help with message me!

04-24-2012, 11:45 AM
is very difficult, but sometimes it will try but can not osy has happened to this achievement


05-28-2012, 11:17 AM
Great instructions thanks!!! After week it finally worked, I got 58 secs... deadline :D From me I can only add that, if you are not good with parry try to use "full house" Avade-> block -> parry its helpful with first scene. I always did evade and then I had more boxes to throw at Vader. In last scene try to focus on variety hitting him with lightsaber, its really hard to hurt him with this construction pieces.

Good Luck!

06-02-2012, 03:16 PM
Woot! Got the achievement last night. I had 59 seconds. Why am I the top person on the global leader board? There seems to be alot of people who got this achievement but their scores are not on leader board.

08-16-2013, 06:04 AM
So I've been working on this achievement for two days using these directions. Finished a match, summary screen comes up... my time is 59 sec. YAY! Wait, no achievement. What's this? Jedi Knight ranking, WTF? Target time is 59 sec for Jedi Master, which is what I got. Oh, it's because my time was 59.03, and apparently hundredths of a second count even though they don't display on the summary.

Fuck this game in the face.