View Full Version : Foolproof Way Of Winning Online Association

04-23-2012, 06:14 PM
I did this with A 2rue LeGacY and it worked well.

Password enabled (to keep randoms out)
Season Length: 14 Games
Difficulty: Rookie
League Pace: Fast
Trade Deadline: off (doesn't matter)
Allow CPU Trades: off (doesn't matter)
Injuries: Off
Fantasy Draft: None (Your Call)

********Playoffs ***********************
*Conference Quarterfinals: Best of 3
*Conference Semifinals: Best of 3
*Conference Finals: Best of 3
*NBA Finals:Best of 3
Quarter Length: 1 minute
Sim Quarter Length: 1 minute

Now from here you will either need a gold weekend or multiple 48 hour accounts.

If you are doing this yourself you will need 4 other accounts. If you are doing this with another person you will need to make a league for each of you and you need 3 other accounts.

Theres a flaw in the system that lets you join the league at anytime. So all you have to do is have 1 person make the league and only stay in the league. Make sure you make the playoffs so either sim or play enough games the key # of wins is roughly 9 or so to make it in. Your seed really doesn't matter. You can play or sim all your games right at the beginning so the easiest way is prob to sim and if you got 10+ wins you are prob good enough if not just keep making leagues and quitting them till you sim to a good record.

Ok so once roughly 2.5 weeks has passed the player that joined the league should be clinched in the playoffs. The playoffs will start around April 19th or so. The second the game becomes available to play (it does not have be the same date the league could be on April 19th and your game scheduled on April 22nd but long as it shows under available games you can play it) have the extra account join as the team you are playing in the playoffs and make them quit immediately after the tip off. Do this twice and youll win the round and advance. Every round you will need a different id to join to quit out and give you the win since the same id cannot join twice.

If you are doing this with a second person make sure you have a second league up so those same 3-4 ids can join that league too.

Anyway this guarantees you the win, no playing in the playoffs necessary, no bs computer comebacks, no nothing. I noticed roughly every 18-24 hours after the quitting the next round comes up so it takes roughly a span of four days to get through it once the playoffs start.

Sure i guess u can play the computer but what if you lose or forget to play and you get simmed out and have to wait another 3 weeks? This method basically has you playing once per day for 5 minutes for 4 days straight. the other part of the 2.5 weeks is just waiting for the league to start the playoffs.