View Full Version : Full Game hopefully allows 8 Friends to play together

Dead Giveaway
04-24-2012, 12:10 AM
I really hope Ubisoft doesn't makes the same mistake DICE always does with BF & limit the amount of friends you can play with to just 1 squad.

Nothing is more ridiculous than making a TEAM based game that requires you to have randoms take up slots on the team which could (and should) be filled with friends.

One of the main reasons why Halo & COD has gotten so popular is because it lets you play with more than just 3 friends.

So, GR:FS will be an 8 on 8 game, 2 squads per team. IF when the full version comes out & i'll be required to only play with 3 friends & deal with 1 squad of 4 randoms, the MP will be forgotten quickly.

Luckily, the main reason i'm getting this game is for the Co-op Campaign & Co-op modes.

Although it will be the perfect game if I can get 7 friends on my team for a great MP experience.

04-24-2012, 03:11 AM
Agreed. I can already tell from the beta that this is very squad driven compared to most FPS. I, however, do not have that many friends so I'll be playing alone following people around :P