View Full Version : After Credits

04-26-2012, 05:13 AM
So I got the 135 medals to "beat" the game. The credits are rolling and I am multitasking in the living room. Well I came back, hoping maybe they hid a squirrel in there or something I see a thing that says "So thats the end of the official credits..." I sit there and try to read it all, but its going awfully fast, at least too fast for my exhausted eyes to read. I then realize you can control the speed of the credits by holding down(speeds up) or up(slows down and oes in reverese). They make several comments to the credits, other features in the game, etc etc. But the overall gist is about being able to fly. I am sadly too tired to read it all, but you can go to the help and options screen and access the credits that way. They even say perhaps some prophets will hide clues in the credits. So hopefully someone else can read it all and write down here. Just thought it was a fun little tidbit, that could pave the way another big riddle.