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04-26-2012, 06:09 AM
In addition to my own curiosity, I've seen many people ask how much damage enemies dole out on hard. Well I've conducted a little experiment to try and answer that question. This will probably way more detailed than y'all would ever care about. Blame it on the engineering degree.

The Method
I am assuming that James has 100 points of health when the status screen is solid green.

I then allow an enemy to repeatedly attack me until I am dead, and count the number of times it hit me to kill me.

This way, I should have the best estimate of the damage per hit, since I know that it took a particular enemy X number of hits to drop my health from 100 to 0.

This wont be completely accurate, due to rounding and what I call "overkill". The best way to illustrate this is probably with an example. Say Pyramid Head kills me in 3 horizontal swipes. This would cause me to assume that he deals 33.3 dmg/hit. However, he could in reality be dealing 40 damage per hit. He would still kill me in 3 hits, but in total he dealt 120 points of damage, and there isn't a good way for me to know otherwise.

The Results & Experimental Data
since most people wont care to read at how I arrived at these conclusions, I'll cut to the chase.
EDIT (5/14/2012): I copied and pasted the same data from the original post in an excel spreadsheet, so it should be alot cleaner.


have not yet tested
Nurse (red) *i dont know if there is a difference b/w red and white
Mandarin *there is a high chance that i wont test this guy, since he is so rare.
Pyramid Head

[1] I revised this, originally I was just averaging the number of times it took the nurse to kill me, which was either 6 or 7. I now am just ignoring the 7th hit because the nurse either hit me from slightly farther away (as i was approaching her) or she did a lunge attack, which i couldnt get her to do repeatedly.

[2] The hanging demons were a little tricky to calculate the strangle damage. I timed the amount of time it took for them to continuously strangle me to death (didn't try to break free) which on average was 17 seconds. That roughly averages to 6 dmg/second.
The next step I did was to time how fast I could break free, which was 2.5 seconds on average. This resulted in my estimate of 15 damage/ hit. This is of course variable on how fast on how you break out (but why would you not try to get out as fast as possible).

[3] I haven't thoroughly tested this one out. I was strangled once at full health (for 2.5 seconds, so roughly 15dmg) and then the demons started striking me and not strangling me. They killed me in 5 hits, starting at reduced health. The equation I used was this: (100-15)/5= 17 damage/strike. I have only been able to try this once

[4] The abstract daddy damage was calculated in the same manner as the hanging demons' strangle method.

[5] NOW THIS was a tricky little one to figure out. I couldn't get Eddie to Punch me to death.
The first fight he would punch me 5 times, shoot me once, then punch 2 more times to kill me, everytime (out of 3 attempts).
Then in the second fight, once attempt he shot me 4 times, then punched me twice.
And then three more attempts after that he shot me 6 times to kill me.
This gave me 3 equations:
Normally I would just divide 100/6= 16.67 dmg/shot, but that would give me 2 different punch damages (substituting Shot dmg into either of the other 2 equations) because the gun was "overkilling" me, as in after the 6th shot he would have dealt over 100 damage. After setting the first 2 equations equal to each other, I was able to find a solution that satisfied all the equations (if you REALLY want to check my work, ill show you).

Old Data, original formatting
here all of my rough data from all of my trials, sorry for the terrible formatting issues, apparently tab and multiple spaces dont work in forums

Enemy_______________|Average Damage/Hit
Lying Figure (spit)________| 6.25
Creeper________________| 4.76
Mannequin ___________ __| 14.28
Nurse (white)_________ __| 16.6 [1]
Hanging Demons - Strangle | 15 [2]
______________- Strike_ _| 17 [3]
Abstract Daddy (strangle)_| 16 [4]
Eddie __________ -Punch. | 11.54 [5]
_______________ -Shoot. | 19.23

Enemy _________|# Hits to kill (each trial)
Nurse (w)_______| 7 | 6 | 7 | 7 | 6 | 7 | 6
Hanging Demon __| 17.7 sec | 16.8 | 17 | | 2.5 sec to escape
_________-strike | 5 + 2.5 sec strangle
Abstract Daddy__| 15.5 sec| 16 |15.4| & 2.5 sec escape
Eddie I -Punch__| 5+2 | 5+2 | 5+2 |
_______-Shot___|_ 1_ |_ 1_ |_ 1 _ |
Eddie II -Punch _| 2 |_ |__ |_ | 2 | 3 |
_______- Shot _| 4 | 6 | 6 | 6| 4 | 4 |
Mannequin _____| 7 | 7 | 7 |
Creeper________| 21 |
Lying figure ____ | 16 | 16 |

05-14-2012, 04:27 AM
Nice guide man, should get it put into achievement guide (: I'm not so worried about hard anymore

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I saw that you were going to write a guide, feel free to link this and the other threads I've got floating around the forum on your guide if you want to.

II Cerberus
05-21-2012, 08:18 PM
Here are my Damage hits for a total of 433 pts when playing for 10* ranking:

Bug: 10 Hits of damage
Spitter: 9 Hits of damage
Mannequin (Legs): 3 Hits of damage
Nurse: 8 Hits of damage
Flesh Lips: 0 Hits
Pyramid Head: 0 Hits
Abstract Daddy: 2 Hits of damage
Eddy: 3 Hits of damage (punchs ONLY!)
Abstract Daddy (hotel) 2 Hits of damage

Roof Fall on Hospital Roof??? 1 Hit? Unsure if this counts but I assume not.

A total of 38 Hits of damage for 433 damage pts through out the game, most of the damage was from me being careless but I still got under 500 pts total so all good, just count along and record your hits from what enemy you got damaged by and use this as referance when attempting your 10* playthrough.

Jan Wesker
07-13-2012, 03:14 PM
I think it depends on kind of hit, not the amount. Espiacially the fight against Eddie brings many points of damage (200 with fewer hits than all other enemies together).