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05-01-2012, 06:53 AM
This game is alright. Seems like it needs a lot of balancing. I'm alright with the killstreak unlocks, until the Prayon (Preyon? Whatever.) which seems a little excessive considering the previous ones.

Also, I can not, for the life of me, use the sniper in this game. I don't know how to zoom in closer more than a foot, and that doesn't really come off as a "sniper rifle" to me. More of like a carbine with a scope that doesn't do didly.

I think it's a little convoluted when it comes to how it explains the map to you, and how it forgets to tell you where you level up specializations or informing you that you're about to unlock a weapon a level before you unlock it.

I dunno. Seems alright. None of the game works without the game's host server, there's no way to practice with a weapon with bots or anything (nor can you look at your weapons before loading a game). I'm not a huge fan of how glued you are to cover, either. It kind of feels like a mobile version of a cover based game, like gears of war, where you tap where you want to go, and play from there.

EDIT: Oh, and the SWARM launcher is a huge pile of bullshit. Get to rank 12 or whatever, and spam away in King of the Hill, and the other team can't get near it. It wouldn't be so bad if one team couldn't just sit in the point, shoot the SWARM at the cover in front of them, and effectively make a ring of fire for enemies to have to deal with while attempting to contest the point.

Yeah, fuck it. They have a lot to fix in this game. I realize it's a beta, but it's just not really fun. Ranks matter too much, and because there's no matchmaking based off of ranks, you can be stuck on a team of rank 1-5's against a decked out team of 30's. This wouldn't be an issue if the killstreaks weren't heat-seeking missiles at the top rank; any advantage you can gain can be instantly taken away by a team with a preyon or two.

I might give this another go when there's more players on. Left a sour taste in my mouth, though. Not like the, "I need to get better," sour. The, "Why the hell is there a game that allows you to spawn indefinitely with power weapons?" sour.

Hurricane Of 87
05-01-2012, 02:55 PM
What team is everyone playing on? Got this downloaded and will play it later.

Hurricane Of 87
05-01-2012, 11:15 PM
Playing as red team Varients.

First impressions;
Blind fire is very accurate compared to other games. Looking down your sights (Non-sniper) doesn't cause too much of a difference, I'd prefer a little more zoom to make popping out of cover worthwhile.

Drydock and Generator are alright maps for TDM, since there's a lot of cover to choose from. The third map, didn't catch the name, but it's essentially a U-shape with a giant transparent panel you can shoot but not fly through isn't too good as it bottlenecks between the 2 lower T-covers.

I have too many questions with what's going on in Overlord mode. If you kill the overlord you become the overlord? you assume the level that they were? When you kill as overlord you increase level? First to hit level 21 wins?
Makes it sound like I can kill the Overlord when he's on LVL20 and then just get one kill for the win.

Am I right when I say the killstreaks DO NOT reset on death?
i.e. Get 4 kills, die, get 1 more kill, get the Preyon (5 kills)
and if you've got 5 kills you access to all 3 bots one after the other?

05-02-2012, 03:38 PM
I'm not sure how anything works, to be honest.

Overlord I think gets a level per kill, and needs to get to 21. When the Overlord is killed, level is halved when it transfers. I think. Not really certain.

Tried to give this game another shot, but I can't even join a game as a squad anymore, as the game times out. No one is really playing it now, and it's hard to get in to a game. It feels like this game will just necrotize shortly after coming out, especially if it's a $15 (1200 MS Points) game with only online play.

The cover system feels like a prototype for Gears of War, and isn't very fluid. If this was a $3 game on an Android or iPhone, I'd probably get it. It's just a little too... limiting in movement and play options for what I expect for a $15 console game.

Hurricane Of 87
05-07-2012, 03:38 PM
Defense Array pisses me off, it's too small, has a bottleneck and when you've got two guys on the U-cover sniping people whilst you have a third guy who uses the Swarm to flush guys out of cover it's pretty much a turkey shoot. but it's a beta , a doubt they can change the maps at this point, just the hit points,etc. so no getting rid of that.

There's enough people playing online, but obviously it's during America's prime time hours since the geniuses at 5th Cell made the beta US-exclusive for some reason. It's dead before 6pm UK time.

Overlord is still bizarre to me. The other team almost won (20/21) but when I looked at their stats at the end of the game, they only had 14 kills between them. How does this mode work?!

Some sort of Capture The Flag mode would work great on this game and cut down on a lot of team camping. Hope they have one.

Hurricane Of 87
05-08-2012, 11:17 PM
I'm mostly pissed that I sourced 2 beta keys for people on my friends list and neither of them played it. Why? Too busy playing Dark Souls, an MFing RPG from 6 months ago. Clearly they hate free games. They've only got one day left the suckers.

Hopefully this is part of Xbox's next Arcade promotion, Summer Of Arcade or whatever.

I'll just type these out as a play:
Was just getting mutilated by people using Teleport, maybe a longer cooldown period is needed for that and the SWARM?

Just shot a Preyon out of the air, so I feel kinda good about that. Later on I couldn't take out one that was flying right at me with Assassin and High Impact Rounds on? Hmmmm.

An announcement of SPAWN SWITCHED would be pretty useful and prevent aggravation of being killed from behind when you're only cover away from your spawn.

Just had a TDM on Defense Array that went to the time limit, to the shock of no-one. Got 14 of my team's 17 kills, but went for the final tie-breaking kill in the last 5 seconds and got pwnt.

Weird stuff: You'll get more than one kill with your firearm, but at the end of the game it'll tell you you've had 0% firing accuracy.
One game I leveled up from 9 to 11 according to the post-game run downs, but when I went back to the world map I was level 9 again. Has this happened to anyone else?

Just used the Gambler, it's pretty hilarious one-shot kill or be killed pistol, went 9-11 with it, so pretty decent by my standards. Seems you get self-killed every 1 in 5 shots which is an encouraging ratio. Blind fire always just misses so you'll always have a chance to hit the user when they pop up.

Double Barrel Shotgun + Infinite Ammo = The guy you don't want sneaking up on you and your teammate and your bots! Damn that felt good. Fired off a Preyon as they spawned behind me, I fly in to finish off the stalker only to see Host Disconnected. Damn. That might be the first rage quit I'm solely responsible for.

Tried the one-shot sniper rifle, its zoom seems to be fine and *GASP* The damage of the bullet increase the longer you look down the scope, discouraging no-scoping! Watch no-one steal this wonderful idea.
Shot someone clean who just landed on the opposite side of my cover and they didn't go down, so you can't use it as a shotgun neither!
...aaaaand to top it all off the Infinite Ammo ability is useless for this weapon since you still have to reload. Great balance, since it's an insta-kill in the right scenario.
Just used the other weaker sniper rifle with 5 ammo clip. You can use the infinite ammo with this but it can't kill in 3 consecutive shots, despite being rated 4/5 damage? This gun can lick someone else's balls, i.e. not my bag.

LMG with the 100 bullet clip is decent, it's takes more shots to kill (and this was using High Impact Rounds!), but you'll most likely never need to reload per life. I don't think LT aim has any zoom to speak of. Good.

The Warbringer needs to know its role and stop spawning right in front of me, trying to shoot someone in the head, please shift it.

Haven't really seen anyone else in the game utilise the Turbo (Left stick button while flying), has anyone thought of a decent tactic to use it for apart from retreating really fast?

Well that's it for tonight, strong game I feel, could use a little tweak here and there on the OP weapons, I guess Defense Array is stuck with that bottleneck to give it that 'unique feeling' which actually works pretty well on KOTH since the zones are both in the either side of it, never had a single gripe with the hit detection. Guess the matchmaking will be a little smoother when the game is released to a WORLDWIDE audience and not just a US one and the abilty to play on either team will be good. There's been quite a few lobbies when it's been a team of 3 on one side and only one other on the opposite side.

Hurricane Of 87
05-09-2012, 10:11 PM
The TRIDENT rocket launcher is gash. 3 direct hits with it from across the map and they don't die? Horrible damage.
You can kill yourself when blind firing the rocket launcher (Good idea), but when you go into LT aim? The rocket launcher itself literally obscures the crosshairs! You can't see what the hell you're aiming at. This doesn't happen all the time but an awful lot.

They should probably just nix the SWARM weapon entirely. The whole selling point of the game was flying about on jet packs, but if someone's using a SWARM, you know damn well they're camping and they don't even need to be accurate! I dunno, maybe a much smaller sphere? Just got fisted pretty hard by it on Defense Array (Where else?) and it seemed like they were firing the thing off every 2 seconds.

Drone Hack Grenades + Commander is a pretty decent combo, since the drones will turn on their owner AND be super effective

Smoke's pretty effective for advancing position, good use for the non-double barrel shotguns. Better use with be getting a teammate to throw them and you bully your way in with META shield.

05-10-2012, 10:37 PM
How long does it take to get in this thing? I sent my "application" over a week ago and it said I was accepted, but I haven't received a code yet. I downloaded the demo from Live (which is originally what I thought you were supposed to do - didn't know you needed a separate code), and all I keep getting is "Hybrid Server Error" saying the server is unavailable.
Is the beta even still going?