View Full Version : Achievements and Inner Board tiles

05-04-2012, 02:16 PM
Does anyone know/remember which inner board tiles correspond with which achievements?

05-04-2012, 02:42 PM
Fast & furious: double speed
Veg Head: extra multiplier
Rule the Dice: Invisible
Bully: 50% more damage
Can't see the future: area atack range increase
Better when shared: 1 extra life
Cast Party: give magnet for gold
One down: if hit multiplier stays
Traitor: all enemies atack you
rolled the dice: when hit enemies around you get hit
World champion: kill gives 10 extra coins
Puppet beats chicken: damage is reflected on atacker

05-04-2012, 08:20 PM
welcome btwXD

05-12-2012, 03:22 PM
Thanks for the info