View Full Version : Digging Up The Past

05-07-2012, 04:06 AM
Hello I was curious about the new side quest called digging up the past that you unlock after completing one playthrough well my question is this I am currently on my second playthrough to get the other 2 endings plus ending E and I am in hillside now and if i look through my journal I dont see any side quest saying to dig up these lost items do I not get any kind of notification about it, is it just a secret quest that you wont know about you just have to dig up the trinkets well i just dug up the first item which is the radio in hillside and I still didnt get any kind of notification in my journal about this quest

05-09-2012, 01:03 AM
No I don't remember getting any notification about the digging up the past side quest. You just have to grab a shovel and dig up an artifact any time you see candles on barrels with dirt around it.

Follow the guide on this site. It shows the locations of all the dig spots.