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05-10-2012, 03:14 PM
A while back I posted (on another website) the following info about what worked for me in obtaining the achievements in Sally's Salon Luxury Edition. This is by no means an attempt to challenge any other solution's guides posted on this website. Rather this is meant to be used as extra help for anyone who chooses to use this.

Sally's Salon LE

Play each new level (Sally's new shops) over & over until you have purchased every upgrade for every shop she owns. After every round you play you will have the option to upgrade that shop depending on how much money you have. Upgrades include better (more expensive) chairs at the various stations, magazines, coffee, candles, and additional employees at various stations. One "upgrade" includes buying a cat for the counter by the till but that upgrade didn't really help at all.

Once you have bought all or most upgrades you can focus on going for "Expert" and "Perfect" scores at each leg of the game. A "Perfect" is obtained when each customer leaves with 5 hearts (satisfaction) above their heads and you have processed the minimum customers (varies depending in which level, gradually increases as game progresses etc).

Some customers will start with 2-3 stars & even if you process them quickly without losing any of their stars they'll still only have 4stars at checkout. Such customers can be given coffee before they leave, for example. One cup of coffee gives 1 star boost per client.

The upgrades I found useful were: upgraded all chairs & hire all extra help. Start making coffee as soon as shop opens. On some levels if you make coffee once then it'll be refilled from then on by an employee standing there. Not all her shops have this employee so you will need keep an eye on this & refill accordingly (takes about 30 sec to refill.) if shop starts getting full give coffee to lower stars plus give magazines esp to those who have not been addressed at all.

After a set time you will notice the shop's clock in upper right of screen will show that it is closed. Anyone who is still inside can still be worked on, they can also leave if they are not being taken care of. However no new clients can enter. So the trick is to get the room as full as you can before shop closes without losing any clients due to innattention. Usually at this point is where I liked to use the blue candle as it instantly gives each client +1 heart. Some levels have 2 of each candle. In these cases I may use the 1st blue candle a little before shop closing if things start getting too busy. The brown candles can be used during these same times as they slow down customers loss of hearts.

Always keep the coffee available & use it liberally. Personally I found the cat upgrade to be useless tho some say it gives +1 heart per game at the cash register. I cannot verify this as I never saw it despite trying to activate it multiple times.

One other note about getting a perfect level is this: each round of each level has a specific minimum number of clients who must be processed such as 7, 12 or 16. Let's say a round requires 16 minimum processed clients. And say 20 clients come through the door. Say that 1 client gets upset & leaves the salon. It is still possible to get expert and perfect even if you lose a client provided you meet the minimum for completing level and minimum for expert (usu 1-2 more clients than for normal level requirements). Perfect is doing expert level with 5 stars on all completed clients.

Finally, one other important point I'd recommend when playing this game especially at the more difficult levels is changing the default settings in the Help and Options. The default setting for gameplay is "dragging" your finger to get clients from one place to the next. This simply will not work on the game's higher, more involved levels. Changing the settings to "Tap" makes the game much more fun and manageable as you progress. Changing this setting alone was the difference maker for me from my almost giving up on the game after about 40GS to my being able to 100% the game.

Arsenic 17
05-20-2012, 08:08 AM
Nice information, but most of it is common sense. The most important thing, which is mentioned in the achievement guide already, is to try and get the most amount of people into the store before it closes, by constantly working to keep the waiting room chairs open. Most times if you just focus on this you blow the expert score away. I usually was well over $1000 above expert.

Also, the swiping really is not that in the higher levels of the game. I didnt know there was a tap feature though. That does sound like it would be way easier.

Im not sure what you were doing to almost give up at this game. I think your idea of playing levels many times until you upgrade may help some noobies, but this game is not that hard. I was able to get perfect on almost every level first try. Only had to replay a level a handful of times. To me, and as the guide states, the coffee, magazines, and candles are definitely the most important upgrades.

Thanks for the tip on the tap setting!