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05-12-2012, 07:25 PM
having trouble with my player how do you get everything up quickly?

05-12-2012, 10:32 PM
having trouble with my player how do you get everything up quickly?

Hi philc420,

I can offer you a couple of different options for this. The first option is the fastest, but requires you to start over. The second option requires that you're a Point Guard but might not require a restart if you're already a PG and a good height.

Option 1 (Requires a new game)
Go to this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=346846) (link) and download either roster mentioned in the thread (there are 2).

The first roster (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showpost.php?p=4733619&postcount=1) (link) makes everyone in the league suck except the Utah Jazz, so you'll want to try to be drafted or traded there. The second roster (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showpost.php?p=4743226&postcount=33) (link) makes the entire league suck, making it a tad bit more difficult to get things like assists and such, but you don't have to worry about which team drafts you. Either one you'll have to download the roster first, then start a new MyPlayer mode with the roster loaded up.

Option 2 (Point Guard)
I've found that I can most easily play MyPlayer from the point guard position. Make sure he's tall, maybe 6 foot 5 (196cm) or taller. Turn the difficulty to "Pro" and the Quarter Length to 12 minutes.

In the games, always call the "Half Court Trap" play and stay with your matchup on defense. Your teammate grade will go up QUICKLY. Set good screens, and shoot wide open 3 pointers.

If you have a good C/PF call a pick and roll pretty much every time you're on offense. Throw him the ball when he starts cutting to the basket after the pick. You'll turn the ball over a lot, so just keep working on it and you'll figure it out and your turnovers will decrease. Don't try cross court passes, and when someone is wide open, pass it to him.

Don't really worry about scoring until you get your stats up. Rebounding is an added bonus, but at PG your rebounding stats suck so unless your vertical is up to at least 70, don't worry too much about that either.

Keep doing this and you'll get skill points easily.

To call the Hall Court Trap:
1. Press :dright: to bring up the play calling menu.
2. Press :rtbut: to flip to page 2.
3. Press :bbut: to call the "Half Court Trap" play.
Your matchup could get a lot of assists, but you'll get a lot of "successful/smart double teams".

To call a Pick and Roll:
1. Press :lbbut: to bring up the play call player icons
2. Press, hold (1 - 2 second hold), and quickly release :ltbut: for C, or :ybut: for PF (depending on who is better)
3. Press :rbbut: to bring up the pass player icons
4. Press the button you selected in step 2 to pass it to that same person.

These are the 2 methods I can offer you for getting your stats up quickly. Perhaps if you mixed both options 1 and 2, you can get your stats up even more quickly. Just make sure that if you use option 1, you only play the "Next Key Games", since those give twice as many skill points.