View Full Version : SH3: Normal and Posessed endings in one playthrough with save?

05-14-2012, 09:35 AM

So I saved my game after doing the tarot card puzzle right before fighting God. This was during my first playthrough, and from what I hear, it's impossible to get the Posessed ending on your first playthrough. It forces you to get Normal.

So I beat the game, got my Normal ending and now I have a question. If I load up that save right before the boss and sit there letting her hit me while I heal for awhile and beat her, will I be able to unlock the Posessed ending? If I load my saved results (which I put in a separate slot) the game should read that I beat it once already, right?

Also, I only ended the game with 64 gun kills and 69 melee kills, so that's 1330 points, and I made sure to do the forgiveness in the confessional. That's 2330 points, and when I first beat the game, I had point damage of 1100, so I could easily just sit in the boss battle to rack it up.

So is it possible? Or do I have to do whole playthrough again?

05-15-2012, 12:22 AM
It must be tough for you to answer nicely, huh? I beat the game twice already, and I used to own it on PS2 back in the day. I ask because the guide doesn't mention requiring new game plus under the achievement. But alright, loser, thanks for the answer.