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05-17-2012, 01:36 PM
Taken From Gamewinners

Megadrive Version:

(Substitute buttons for XBOX controller buttons)

Secret options:
Hold A + B and press C(2) at the title screen to display a menu with difficulty, time, language, and sound test options.

Select arcade mode at the options screen, then hold Up/Left + A + B and press Start.

View ending sequence:
Enter GFF3F546F35564 FFOSLPIMFJEDGH to view the original mode ending. Note: This password is not valid for the Triple Score version of the game.

Super bike:
Enter 6FF3F546F35564 FFOSLPIMFJEDGH for a super bike in original mode.

Extra money:
Enter 5FF3F540F33504 FFHWKJOMBJOFDU as a password. An alternate method is to repeatedly crash until your bike develops engine trouble or a broken windshield. You will be forced to retire at the start of the next race. Press B or C to return to the options screen with an extra $400. Repeat this process to build your total amount of money.
Enter 5FZ09000300000 3FJJDO9D6FGDRL as a password to get over $18 million in original mode.

Accelerate to the bike's top speed 280 kmh, then press B + C to jump to 320 kmh.

Level Passwords:

Level 1 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30504 Rival: Mia Ferraru FFOSLPIMFJPGNU Sponsor: Pharmacy Level 2 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30514 Rival: Jose Alverez FFOSLPIMFJHSSU Sponsor: Pizza Chain Store Level 3 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30524 Rival: Nobuhiko Hasegawa FFOSLPIMFJPOFT Sponsor: Appliance Store Level 4 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30534 Rival: Felica Perez FFOSLPIMFJHKKT Sponsor: Game Company Level 5 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30544 Rival: Hans Braun FFOSLPIMFJQFNW Sponsor: Distributor Level 6 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30554 Rival: Marie Lefoure FFOSLPIMFJIRSW Sponsor: Bike Manufacturer Level 7 Password ------- 0FF3F546F30564 Rival: King Arthur FFOSLPIMFJQNFV Sponsor: Giant Oil Company Ending Password -------- 5FF3F546F35564 Record: 5-0 FFOSLPIMFJQNKS (Note: If you lose a race after inputting one of these passwords, the game will sometimes reset your cash balance to $000.)

Arcade Version


05-17-2012, 01:45 PM
It looks like the version to be released is an Arcade port. Which kind of renders this thread useless. Still, it is all good knowledge :-0

05-20-2012, 04:05 PM
thanks for this

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Yes! THANKS a ton!!!