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05-17-2012, 09:12 PM
This is sort of a guide/checklist for the All of the Above achievement - Finish all single player grinds

Each grind have 4 levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
These Grinds can be accomplished in single player and arcade mode, and are cumulative through all your playthroughs.

You MUST complete each grind to platinum!!
(Note- I only listed how many kills you need to get platinum)

BLOODBATH - Kill 2500 enemies

Head Master - Get 1000 head shots

Arms Dealer - Shoot 250 enemies in the arm

Leg Payne - Shoot 250 enemies in the leg or Foot

Below the Belt - Shoot 250 enemies in the groin

Dodge Brawl - Shoot 1000 enemies during Shoot Dodge

Artful Dodger - Spend 50 minutes Shoot Dodging

Take your Time - Kill 1000 enemies during Bullet Time

Bullet River - Shoot 25000 rounds

Take a Load Off - Kill 250 enemies while Prone

Slow Dive- Spend 8 seconds in Shoot Dodge in a single dive

Cam Lover - Watch 2500 Bullet Cams

Wreckage - Destroy 200 Vehicles

Double Damage - Kill 1500 enemies with duel wilded weapons

Blow Out - Kill 250 enemies with explosions

Guess Work - Kill 250 enemies while blind firing

The Turtle - Kill 1000 enemies while in cover

Back From the Dead - Win 250 LAst Man Standing

Fire Work - Shoot 200 Molotov's in air

Scrapper - Melee 1500 enemies

Pharmacist - Take 1000 Payne Killers

Fall Guys - Topple 250 enemies over Railings

Keep it Simple - Kill 1000 enemies with Handguns

Shotgun Dues - Kill 1000 enemies with Shotguns

Rapid Fire - Kill 1000 enemies with SubMachine Guns

If It Ain't Broke - Kill 1000 enemies with Assault Riffles

Eagle Eye - Kill 100 enemies with Snipers

The Lounger - Kill 250 enemies while laying on your Back