View Full Version : Stuck on the grenade launching boss

05-19-2012, 04:27 AM
Max Payne 3 is really starting to piss me off! I have been playing it on hard and slowly chugging my way through it but now I am either at the end or very very close to it and I can't get past the spot no matter what I do. I have been replaying this spot for the past 2 hours and have died hundreds of times. I don't even want to think about how hard this part would be on hardcore.

I am at the plane towards the end. Anyone else there that can give me tips? I try to focus on the guys and he kills me with his grenade launcher. I focus on the grenades the guys kill me. I do both they both kill me. I move they kill me. I don't move they kill me.:mad::mad::mad::uzi:

Does anyone have any pointers or tips?

05-19-2012, 05:00 AM
Basically, he's only going to lob a grenade every...I'd say atleast a good minute or so. So once you've blown up the grenade, you don't have to worry about him for a while. Focus on killing the guys, try and headshot a bunch of them right off the bat. I moved to the left and there was an angled baggage cart that offered a bit more protection and had painkillers behind it. I think I also noticed that before he shoots a grenade, he sort of locks into a position, and gets into a ready position. So when you spot him getting ready then get ready to get his grenade. Use your bullet time effectively. If you run out of bullet time, if you stay in cover and let them shoot the cover, I believe this will build your bullet time meter. So if you run out take a second and breath and let your meter fill up a bit.