View Full Version : Any changes depending on difficulty?

05-20-2012, 05:01 PM
Is there anything different in the cut scenes if you play the game on certain difficulties? I finished the game on normal and I want to know if anything changes (like dialogue or fun easter eggs) when I play on easy.

Another question is about dog tags. So when I replay normal will I have to collect all the tags again, or am I only able to pick up tags I don't have?

05-21-2012, 03:35 AM
The only change in difficulty in terms of cutscenes that I can think of is in the Plant Chapter where the Shaver is available on Hard or Extreme; without spoiling anything the change is so small and ultimately insignificant that it's not worth worrying about, you can Google it if you want to know exactly what it is.

For the Dog Tags, there is a seperate list for each difficulty, Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. So when you replay on Easy you're getting a different list of tags, so you should try your best not to miss any on any given playthrough if you can avoid it.