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05-22-2012, 02:08 PM
Been mopping up my last few achievements and I hopefully found a relatively quick way to finish off the hand to hand and shooting achievements for any future gamers.

(I'm assuming you've already finished the game at this point)

Load up Shipyard Infiltration on Trainee

Progress through the level normally, even past defeating Solomon the first time. Shortly after is where we will start the hand to hand farming.

Once you enter a room, the door closes behind you and a flash bang is thrown in the window. You will get a checkpoint here. There will be 5 enemies in this room. 3 to start and 2 enter from the door. Generally I would just beat down the first guy (goes towards Heavyweight); then put an 'X' 'Y' combo on the next guy. You should have 2 full bars of adrenaline. Use it and take down both enemies (goes towards Wrecking Machine). Once they are dispatched you'll have 2 guys left, use the combo and light attacks to fill your meter to 1 bar, then dispatch the 1 and rinse/repeat for the last enemy. This will help you towards Master of Environment and 30 Million Dollar Weapon. Just keep reloading the checkpoint and finish those off.

Once you are done with those (or just feel like moving on) progress until you get a small cutscene of a flat bed truck driving into a white car and a checkpoint. Here is where it first allows you to use gun takedowns. This is automatic as you must hit 'B' to progress. You can reload the checkpoint each time and repeat this process; you will gain 3 kills each time. This will go towards Bullet Master; at the end of the animation you blow up a car which will also go towards Massive Collateral Damage.

You can also use the shooting method above to raise your shooting percentage which helps towards Deadeye. The great part about the shooting method is you don't need any adrenaline to get 3 shooting takedowns as it's automatically part of the game.

Well hopefully this is useful to someone, I found it to be pretty quick to knock out all those achievements in one level.

05-25-2012, 12:39 PM
Great thread thanks so much!