View Full Version : Parts of Final Mission were Horrible

05-26-2012, 10:26 PM
I will start by saying overall I like this game. Aside from the fact the Ghost score seems completely arbitrary. One mission I get a 100/100 and another 60/100 and yet I know I played both about the same. Anyway, I just thought the final mission was so bad in parts. The first 2 parts of the elimination were fine and much in line with what the game was trying to teach your throughout the first 11 missions. The final elimination was horrendous though. It basically forces you to run and gun your way to each checkpoint or else the targets would escape. I thought it was completely not in tune with the rest of the game. Not to mention the final sequence was basically an on rails scripted shooting gallery. Anyway it is a fine game (rented it) and maybe I will buy it cheap to try the MP but from what I read the lag issue seems to be bad right now for it.