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05-31-2012, 04:41 PM
Any help here would be great. I'm trying to kill this sod for the achievement and some loot. Here's the thing. Take a look at the video below :-

Dragon's Dogma - Killing the Ur-Dragon - YouTube

Now, that's meant to be the "offline" Ur-Dragon. I've just set my game to offline (I think?) and my dragon looks nothing like that at all and it's absolutely destroying me whilst I deliver next to no damage. Best I've done is to strip half the first lifebar down but I've no idea how (I think it was my pawns to be honest). I've also heard the sod flies away after 8 minutes. So, pray tell, how the bloody hell am I supposed to beat it?

I also had a go at a version of the dragon whilst online (I assume this is by selecting connectivity in game options) and didn't a scratch of damage at all and died just as fast.

I've seen people kill this thing in minutes with uber weapons etc but does anyone have any tips for mere humans? I'm a level 64 Ranger so I'd assume I could do this shit?

Any help here would be great as this is the first stumbling block I've encountered in the game and I want to put this guy down before I move the game on.

05-31-2012, 05:13 PM
I fought him so many times before he actually died. I don't know how the online systems works when it says everyone does damage to him. I went in with a magic archer & used hunter bolt. & went in a few times with a hunter with used tenfold furry.

When you hit him with the Hunter Bolt it locks on to a bunch of spots, not just the red glowing marks on him. If you hit them enough he will fall on the ground then you can go to town on the red glowing marks.

Like i said before i did this like 10 times, he kept running away. Or he would fly up and just sit on a tower laughing at me. But One time when i entered, he was down to just 1 health bar. Finished that off, then took the finally hit on the tail and he died.

Not sure if you just gotta keep weaken him yourself, and coming back. Or if the online does something & i just got lucky.

XxStuartxX 1990
05-31-2012, 05:22 PM
When I faced the offline version it had full health, and took hours the whittle down.

(when it retreats just go the the inn like you normally would)

but then when I finally got it down to one bar, all the glowing red bits were gone and i could no longer damage it.

(needless to say i was pissed)

But the following day I got lucky and the online version spawned with next to no health.

Anyway i find using melee the safest way to go so long as you climb it and don't just hack his ankles.
also take a few wakestones just incase you get him to spawn on low health, you don't wanna die and miss your chance.