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06-02-2012, 08:30 PM
Ok i have not yet picked up this quest, it is the only side quest i am missing for the achievement and i can't find him anywhere, i have not yet taken a single quest from Alodus, have i waited too long to pick up this quest?

06-02-2012, 08:41 PM
Im just after doing this myself
I did 2 of the 4 quests for the adviser and even set port crystals all over the map to search the different camps for reynard

I ended up just sleeping at the inn at gran soren over and over untill he appeared by the fountain.
I had to keep talking to and buying 1 nut, then talking to him again and buying 1 more nut over and over untill he gave me the quests

Also the misamite has to be made by combining misamite shard and a firefly stone

06-02-2012, 08:46 PM
I would do Fournival's Trial. This will give you a nice big waypoint to find out Reynard is in the world so he can sell you fake Affadavit's. Buy them all and then buy one item from reynard (small nuts work as I did this) then exit his shop. Go back in and buy one more item.

Keep doing this and he will eventually ask for scrap iron. Then give it to him and repeat, soon enough he will ask for Misamite. Give it to him then keep buying small nuts until he wants the journal entries. Give all 6 to him and you are done.

06-02-2012, 10:26 PM
Did you save him the beginning of the game? I forgot to do that on my 2nd play through so I had to wait till my 3rd time around to get the quests from him.

06-03-2012, 05:39 PM
Search Party:

What you need to make sure of.

- You saved Reynard at the beginning of the game whilst travelling to the encampment

Reynard can be found in several places after rescuing him as he is a travelling trader. Encampment, Rest Camp near the Drake, Great Wall, Gran Soren Inn and Marketplace and sometimes in Cassardis.

To activate the quest you need to buy 10 separate items from him, or buy the same item 10 times such as buying 1 nut. backing out of his options, speaking to him and buying another nut, that will activate the first quest which is required for scrap iron

- Scrap Iron can be found from skeletons, you'll most likely encounter these by story progression in the Everfall, or if you wish, pass the bridge north of Gran Soren at night.

Do it again 15 times for the next quest which will activate it so you have to search for Miasmite

- Miasmite can be found off the Phantasms located at the same location of the skeletons

After this is done, do the above process 25 times to activate the quest for his fathers journals.

First Journal Entry - In the Encampment. In a Chest by the area where you killed the Hyrda.
Second Journal Entry - In the Catacombs, Second Level Underground
Third Journal Entry - In Gran Soren, you have to climb up on top of the roofs and find a spot where you can drop down into the roof. It's NW of the Black Cat.
Fourth Journal Entry - "Barta Crags" Area Near Miasmic Haunt. This is South of The Great Wall.
Fifth Journal Entry - Soulflayer Canyon First Floor
Final Journal Entry - Ancient Quarry, It's pretty much in the middle of the map. If you entered from the North side, its in the big area before you get to the "Switch" Just NE of the "Lever" Icon.

After you hand in the Journals, Reynard will be gone for good, however Reynard sells items which can determine the outcome of a quest called 'Trial and Tribulations' of which can either convict or set free a certain someone, the decision is yours on when you wish to dismiss him.

This quest can be done anytime before the Final Battle, if done after the final battle it will fail.

Some Sources:
Dragon's Dogma Search Party Quest - YouTube