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06-05-2012, 03:20 PM
Just wondering how many different classes people have gone through with their main character. I did Strider till about 10 and have been a Ranger till 30...is it smart to bounce around the different classes to pick up specific augments or would that mess up your stats for your end class?

From what I've read you can use augments from class to class but not the regular skills? So in addition to that, if I make my mage pawn a sorceress then she loses her ability to heal?

Thanks for the info, this game is so in depth and fun and I like exploring character options but at the same time I don't have enough free time to check out everything I want to :P

06-06-2012, 12:15 AM
Yes augments carry over between class. You can pick and choose what you like for them.

Spells and certain weapon skills do based on the class. So for example the sword abilities you buy for assassin are also there for the fighters sword. Some spells are available to both sorcerers and mages. However healing is only for mages.

The game has a level cap of 200. So really unless you plan on playing the game for hundreds of hours it is very unlikely you will reach it. Thus stat min maxing isn't so important. In general it is good to dip into other classes to get their augments.

Also something to consider is that really no stat is worthless. It only really becomes a problem if you play a weapon based character then keep levelling up as a magic user as your hp, attack and defence will be lower than a pure weapon based character and the magic attack you gained would basically be worthless. However even then the MD would be useful.

So for example I started as a fighter. That gives good hp, low stamina, good attack and great defence. I then switched to a warrior that gives better hp and attack but less defence and stamina. Then I switched to an assassin that gives even better attack, better stamina but much worse defence and Hp.

So I won't be a pure warrior but will have better stamina, attack and defence than a totally pure warrior would.

Only thing I feel is rather noteworthy is that some classes have quite clear better stat gains.
Levels 10-100:

Fighter: HP+37 Stam+15 Atk+4 Def+4 MA+2 MD+1
Warrior: HP+40 Stam+10 Atk+5 Def+3 MA+2 MD+1
Mystic Knight: HP+30 Stam+20 Atk+2 Def+3 MA+3 MD+3
Strider: HP+25 Stam+25 Atk+3 Def+3 MA+3 MD+2
Ranger: HP+21 Stam+30 Atk+4 Def+2 MA+3 MD+2
Assassin: HP+22 Stam+27 Atk+6 Def+2 MA+2 MD+1
Mage: HP+22 Stam+10 Atk+2 Def+1 MA+4 MD+4
Sorcerer: HP+16 Stam+15 Atk+2 Def+1 MA+5 MD+5
Magic Archer: HP+20 Stam+20 Atk+2 Def+3 MA+3 MD+4

With the mage and the sorcerer I feel that getting 5 less hp but 5 more stamina and 1 more MA and MD is much better.

EDIT: Sorry messed up my warrior table. It's 10 stamina not 20. Should have realised that was wrong lol.

06-09-2012, 01:16 AM
Thanks a lot Zim! Your post was very helpful, I've totally changed my strategy now and will have a much stronger character because of it.