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VirusDave 138
06-05-2012, 09:10 PM
First of all Im not really good in this Game, and my first try brought me just to Stage 6 before I have used all my Continues... but with a little trick I made this achievement really easy!

Choose a Character you are familiar with, and start the Game!
Save after every enemy you kill and try not to get a hit!

Play it like Arena or Duel Mode, go slowly through the Levels that not all Enemies apear at the same time and perfectionate every battle!
If you get hit reload your last save, it should be bring you right infront of the next battle!
Save all your magic until you came to the Final Fight each Stage!
Spam your spells and the Bosses just will take a few more hits to be defeated!
Also riding beasts make the true ending much easier!
If you choose all times the upper path, saving after each battle you fought and won hitless you should be able to have 3 lives and all your Continues!
With my save/reload tactik I have reached the bosses in Stage 6 Hitless!

If done this until Stage 6 to the Boss Fight (on the Eagle I think)!
If you fight Griffin (transformed King) the Second time you come into the final stage!
Saving has and End and if you go through the Level you should have the Boss Fight and after a short Cutscene the True Boss Fight starts!
At this point i have lost just 2 lives without saving all the time, and defeating the Endboss was no Problem with 4 Continues left!

So, all you have to do is taking very much time, the achievement is not hard if you are patient!

like I said, saving after each battle and reloading if you get hit is the way to grap the achievement very easy!
There should not be more than 3 enemies per time and with enough movement and JumpHits most of the fights are beatable without losing Energy!

Hope this helps anyone who have trouble to get the Achievement!

06-17-2012, 08:16 AM
It's funny how save state abuse was pretty gay in the other thread, but you reproduce it here...