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08-31-2007, 07:07 AM
Discover the ancient secrets of Zuma! Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting with traps and trickery. It will take a quick hand and a sharp eye to unlock their treasures. Explore more than 20 realms in Adventure mode and put your skills to the test in the Gauntlet. Fire magical balls from the stone frog idol to make color matches, then collect coins and powerups to clear the path. But watch out! If the stream of spheres reaches the golden skull, it'll be the end for you!

Discover new realms in Adventure mode.
Test your skills with Gauntlet mode.
Experience stunning sounds and tribal tunes.
Use power-ups, combos, chains, and gap bonuses to score big and achieve legendary "ace" times.
Explore more than 20 temples.

los carnales
10-05-2008, 05:59 PM
"Explore more than 20 temples"? I don't think that is correct. I only saw 4 temples separated in three parts each and one temple with only one level. I counted 21 boards in Gauntlet, may be that's what you are referring to but I'm not sure if that counts as a temple.

07-30-2010, 04:28 AM
So is this like Luxor 2?