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06-17-2012, 01:00 AM
After missing 7 penalties I was ready to give up on this frustrating achievement. Judging from a few guides I went on it my own way in the end. I'll list everything that I altered before the game and how I went about getting the penalty.

First of all, you need 2 controllers, so If you haven't got access to one, you might aswell stop reading now.

Next thing I did was alter all of Denmarks players aggressiveness skill to 99.

Now I had all the penalty sliders to default ( CARRY ON READING REGARDING THIS) and had penalty shots to the max. Whilst your here, turn offsides OFF.

Chose any of the all-star teams and have the controller be Denmark.

The method I used to get the penalty shot was gain possession of the puck and ran back to my goalkeeper. Basically run towards him (not sprint) and the goalie should collect it. Wait a few seconds and you'll be penalized for "frozen puck". You'll then have this "head-to-head" thing. (sorry, I don't understand hockey that well.)

Seeing as the dummy controller won't do anything, you should always gain possession of the puck. Seeing as this starts in your defensive zone, you can just run past through their players easily and get a breakaway. Do the simple hold X and wait for a non-human controlled AI to hack you.

75% of the time they'll take you down but because this games so flawed you have to be patient getting the penalty shot. It will come eventually. Patience is the key.

As for the penalty shot itself, just take control of Denmarks keeper on the second controller by clicking the right analogue stick. Move the keeper to aside, shoot opposite way.


Now as I mentioned above regarding penalty sliders all being default apart from the penalty shot (which was at max.) On a last ditch of hope to get this achievement I moved ALL sliders to the max from the pause menu. 5 Minutes later I got the penalty shot. Take that as you will but It works with the way It was originally set up. I just missed 7 other penalties due to being stupid / wrong difficulty.

Hope I helped.

07-06-2012, 10:25 PM
Works like a charm! (sad I missed my first penalty shot :()

10-18-2012, 06:27 PM
Gotta try this.