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06-20-2012, 08:19 AM
hi all,
im sat waiting for this to come on pre order from amazon.co.uk just wondered when i should see this any chance of it been here early??? have other people had there copy yet...

main question is whats are the costs for the muliply red bricks as they jsut seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper with every lego game of recent times. the old starwars onces was good right price in studs but harry potter games was so cheap it was silly just nothing to work towards.


06-20-2012, 08:36 AM
You can track your order if you go onto Amazon...

The brick's price goes up the greater the amount of multiplier they are. I think x2 starts at 50,000, then it goes up by 50,000 each time. Can't really remember, though. The x10 costs 500,000.

06-20-2012, 10:17 AM
50k studs for x2 is nothing.
The cost of multiply bricks has just got silly.
In starwars tot & starwars tcs it was 1 million!!!
Yeah that's high but something to work for.
I am huge fan of lego games and finished most of them to 100% and never used a cheat code.50k is just silly....