View Full Version : Nhl 2k8 Or Nhl 08????? Or Both???

09-01-2007, 03:32 PM
Hey guys I am wondering which one is better and I havent tried the 08 demo yet due to me being on vacation. Is it any good?? Any news on 2K8 demo??? I am a die hard hockey fan and I played 2k7 and 07 for many many many hours. SHould i get 08, 2k8, or both???

09-01-2007, 03:45 PM
NHL 2K8 isn't even out and I don't believe the demo is either. So how could anyone tell if you 2K8 is better if the demo isn't out and it's not shipping out until the 11th (release probably 12th)?

As for the NHL 08 demo, I haven't played it personally but go to the NHL 08 forum here:

Also, don't make threads asking which game to buy please. It clutters the forums. If you read around, watch game play videos, etc you'll be able to make a more sound decision which will benefit you greatly. Don't depend on other people to choose your games for you.

For example:

Go to that and look at the game play videos. Also, search around and they will make note of new features. Since you won't need to do this for NHL 08 because there's a demo, then you only have to do research on NHL 2K8.