View Full Version : Last civilian to rescue - level 5 - help?

06-25-2012, 07:08 AM
Hi guys,

I need to rescue one last citizen for the 50/50 achievement but I can't seem to get him. He's in level five, Chemical Crisis, in the part of the level where Robin has to immerse himself in the tubs of goo, and then shoot the goo into the corresponding holes on the wall.

Anyway, you can see the citizen in a burning room just above this area. There isn't a door to this room. To the right of the room is a glass panel for Man-Bat or Black Canary to break. When the glass is cleared away, it reveals three wheels. You can hit these wheels, and they'll spin, but they can't be interacted with with the "B" button.

I've managed to put out all of the Lego flames in this room except for one, and I get the feeling that if I put that one out then I would earn the achievement. Superman's freeze breath has done the trick on all the flames, but the freeze breath won't reach the final flame. Ditto with Aquaman's water jet.

The purple "peril indicator" on the map doesn't point toward the citizen himself, but rather to an area just to the left of him. No character's power--not Lex's deconstruction, not Green Lantern's power ring, not Cyborg's magnetism, etc.--has any effect on the area to which the indicator points.

tl;dr - how did you rescue the citizen in Chemical Crisis?

06-25-2012, 07:45 AM
Here's the solution, guys:

you have to Batarang the three wheels. It's kind of tricky because there are guards blocking you from being able to 'rang them from an angle, so you have to do them straight on.

Anyway, hit each of them with a projectile and watch as the sprinklers come on, saving the dude's life.