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06-27-2012, 04:28 PM
Reorganized to correspond to the map in Post #3.

Gotham North

1. Beep Beep
Effect: When youíre in any vehicle its horn will now sound like a classic car horn.
Location: Amusement Mile - In a Joker box on a raised area behind the Helter Skelter (giant slide) at the Amusement Mile.
Cost: 50,000 studs

2. Fall Rescue
Effect: When you fall to your death youíll no longer lose studs.
Location: Harborside Theater - In a Joker box on the right side of the Harborside Theater entrance.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: TPGPG2

3. Attract Studs
Effect: Pulls all studs around you directly to you like a magnet.
Location: Inside the Batcave - In a Deconstructor crate in the Batcave. Fly into the foreground and to the right.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: MNZER6

4. Regenerate Hearts
Effect: Causes hearts to refill quickly
Location: Cave beneath the Botanical Gardens - While driving toward Arkham Asylum, look for a Riddler box in a cave in the cliffs to the east.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: ZXEX5D

5. Disguises
Effect: This puts funny masks on your character.
Location: Arkham Asylum - In a Joker box atop Arkham Asylumís main entrance (fly up to reach).
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: BWQ2MS

6. Studs x8
Effect: Gives you a x8 stud multiplier.
Location: South of Metro Station North - From the north island Metro, face east and move down the road, taking the second right you come to. At the end of the road, on the right, is a Deconstructor crate.
Cost: 400,000 studs
Code: None

Gotham Central

7. Gold Brick Finder
Effect: Points you to all gold bricks in your general area.
Location: North of Gotham Beach - In a Riddler box at the north end of the walkway that runs along Gotham Beach.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: MBXW7V

8. Character Studs
Effect: Enemies will give you studs when you defeat them.
Location: Metro Station Central - In a Riddler box downstairs at the central islandís Metro Station.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: TPJ37T

9. Studs x6
Effect: Gives you a x6 stud multiplier.
Location: Northwest of Gotham Power Plant - In a Deconstructor crate northwest of the Power Station, within the building complex (jump or fly over the fence).
Cost: 300,000 studs
Code: None

10. Mini-Kit Finder
Effect: Points you to all the minikits in your general area.
Location: Gotham Park - At Gotham Park, use the control panels on the pier to control an RC submarine and destroy all waves of the enemy ships.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: LRJAG8

11. Vine Grapples
Effect: Grapple guns fire vines instead of wires.
Location: Ace Chemicals - In a Joker box behind the Ace Chemical building. Go to the parking lot on the east side and follow the building around the corner to find the crate there.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: JXN7FJ

12. Studs x2
Effect: Gives you a x2 stud multiplier.
Location: Power Station - Use the control panels to complete the RC car battle in the Power Stationís parking lot.
Cost: 100,000 studs
Code: 74EZUT

13. Super Build
Effect: This allows you to build Lego objects super fast.
Location: Southeast of Gotham Park - In a Riddler box in the small park with the two spires and the Acrobat Suit signal, two blocks southeast of Gotham Park.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: JN2J6V

14. Extra Toggle
Effect: You get an extra character to switch to in Free Play Mode.
Location: Gotham Zoo - In a Riddler box at the back of Gotham Zoo, on the east side of the building behind the large globe statue.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: 7TXH5K

Gotham South

15. Red Brick Finder
Effect: Points you to all red bricks in your general area.
Location: West of City Hall at the docks - Play and win the RC ships game on the islandís west pier.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: 5KKQ6G

16. Extra Hearts
Effect: Adds three extra hearts to your characters health.
Location: City Hall - In a Riddler box at the entrance to City Hall.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: 4LGJ7T

17. Peril Finder
Effect: Shows an arrow pointing to any nearby citizens in peril
Location: Gotham Cathedral - In a Riddler box on the east side of Gotham Cathedralís grounds.
Cost: 50,000 studs
Code: RYD3SJ

18. Studs x10
Effect: Gives you a x10 stud multiplier.
Location: Behind Gotham City Bank - In a Deconstructor crate at the islandís southeast dead end.
Cost: 500,000 studs
Code: None

19. Invincibility
Effect: When you turn it on your characters can no longer be hurt by anyone or anything.
Location: Wayne Tower - In a Riddler box at the top of Wayne Tower.
Cost: 200,000 studs
Code: None

20. Studs x4
Effect: Gives you a x4 stud multiplier.
Location: Gotham Police Station - Play and win the RC car game in the Police Stationís parking lot.
Cost: 200,000 studs
Code: None

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Not to ask too much, but it would be great if someone could overlay this information on a map

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Found this map, but the numbers don't correspond to the list above. You have to use the list, with brick numbers, from the site the map is hosted on.


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Great work, thank you!

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Do you have to pay to get the red bricks or can they just be picked up?

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Do you have to pay to get the red bricks or can they just be picked up?

You should read what OP had posted under each Red Brick again...