View Full Version : Looking for community oriented games for Gaming YouTube Channel

07-02-2012, 12:26 PM
Hey there everyone, I recently started a Gaming YouTube Channel. It is a little Let's Play, a little humor, a little montage, and mostly just myself and my wife just having a good time and bringing everyone along for the fun.

What I'm looking for isn't a shameless plug though(though I have no problem doing that) I'm actually after the vast knowledge that comes from Xbox360Achievement boards. You see right now our most popular videos that go up at Dragon's Dogma as we're bringing in other peoples Pawns and showing them off in the videos, then having crazy adventures with them. I'm loving the reaction we're getting and the interaction from the Dragon's Dogma community and was looking for more games similiar to that.

So in short, what games do you guys know of that have a strong community aspect that could be displayed in videos to get the community involved without directly playing with people (as this is mostly a mess when you try playing with randoms and recording) Here's our latest Dragon's Dogma video for a example, but I'll just pop the link so you can choose to go to it if you want and I'm not just making a post to boost views lol.


Thanks for any knowledge on community games and if you go to the channel constructive criticism is welcome, I dont cry... too much