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07-03-2012, 11:07 PM
I haven't been coming out with tracks as frequently as i used to but I'm still making tracks. I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, and KoA: Reckoning.

I'm continuing my "TP Ninja Trials" series but changed the name to "TP X Trials" because people now think that "Ninja" means "Gay Ass Super Hard Glitching Fag Track". so now people don't want to play them because they think it's a glitch track. in addition if you make glitching ninja tracks on trials you are a super-douche.

I'm also looking to pick back up "TP SX". 1-10 were all very popular. Note that my sx tracks have no turns so they can remain even for a fair race.

and finally I'm going to occasionally make tracks based on other games like i did with my Fallout: NV track. i will most likely make more fallout tracks too. Going to try to make a track called "Freeside" where you go through freeside and finish at the the north entrance to New Vegas.

So those are my future plans for Trials tracks so if you play trials make sure to search "zzXzTYLERzXzz" and play my tracks if you haven't already.:woop: :drunk :eek: :locked :uzi: :p :) ;)

07-23-2012, 02:20 AM
Gave the Fallout tracks ago, pretty good. There is a lot of stop start going on. Overall I gave them both 4/5.

Bar Of Clay
08-20-2012, 09:19 AM
"glitching ninja tracks on trials you are a super-douche" couldnt agree more, they are like WTF WTF. How did someone dicover you could do half those things and going backwards uphill grrrr. nice track btw i will be looking out for the rest when i get chance away from kids to do so.