View Full Version : Easy Game but Here's my Problems

07-04-2012, 07:08 AM
So my first impressions of the game after the first hour were pretty positive. The gameplay seemed simple enough (Reminded me of Diddy Kong racing where you could fly around and blow each other up with power ups) and the achievements were pretty easy and flowed in at a steady pace. However, after completing it I had a bunch of issues with the game design that made me want to break this game in half before I completed it.

1) The Story - Nobody cares about the story, especially since they just speak through random gibberish (like in any Sims game) and the major plot points are told through still photos rather than good quality cutscenes. So how come we CAN'T SKIP ANY OF IT!?!?! This is especially annoying since they talk so freaking much before every mission, and there are almost 50 missions to play through.

2) Combat - I really enjoyed the dogfight aspect of the game at first. The controls were pretty solid and locking onto your opponent seemed pretty generous at first. However, its only during the later dogfights that you realize how annoying the combat can be. Most dogfights end in you and your opponent flying towards each other, which makes it really hard to get kills quickly especially when the leader of your opposing team seems to get kills so easy due to your incompetent teammates. On top of that, I could be spending 30+ seconds whittling down my opponents health only to have my "ally" blow them up while I'm waiting for my machine gun/missiles to reload and finish them off. I seriously wish there was teamkilling in this game because after having that happen to me for the 50th time I was close to losing it.

3) Races - Really hit or miss and extremely luck dependent in my opinion. Obviously they do the same thing that you see in every racing game which is rubber band AI. Why is it that I can have such a huge lead for the first two laps of the race then all of a sudden get hit by some random BS item and have the AI pass me right before the finish line? The other funny thing is the story explanation for most of the races. Alot of the races involve you either escaping an area or chasing after someone. In either of those situations, why would you or your opponents by flying around IN A CIRCLE!?!?! You'd think after the first or second time they be smart and realize that you're just flying in a set pattern and know where to go to cut you off?

This could have easily been a great game and an enjoyable one to get all the achievements. All they had to do was make it so that you could disable (or at least skip through quickly) the mission briefings, balanced the AI a bit (especially since this game is suppose to be aimed for kids), and reduced the amount of repetitive missions you have to go through (did I mention there are almost 50 missions to play through and the majority of them are pretty much the same thing?).

I did enjoy the game enough to hope that they make a sequel but hopefully they take these things into consideration if they do make a second SkyHeroes game.