View Full Version : Save state and starting again

07-05-2012, 08:54 PM
I have been playing games since the early 90s and have never heard the term 'save state' until viewing this thread.

From what I can gather it means save, so why not just say save?

Also. I have gone through the majority of Wonderboy in Monsters World without 'waggling' as ive only just found out about it. I think im on the penultimate level and as ive not collected much money my armour, sword etc is pretty weak and I am dieing a lot. Should I re start with the aim of buying better equiptment or try and finish the game with what ive got?

08-04-2012, 01:58 PM
I'm the same as you with the waggling, apparently if you waggle, jump and use magic in certain spots you can gain loads of extra money. But I haven't been able to find out where these 'sweet spots' are yet.

I think the use of the term Save State is coming from this games similarity to a ROM version of the game and how you can make multiple save files and reload quickly at any time. But yeah it's just saving.