View Full Version : 7-23-86 *Possible Mission/Plot Spoiler?*

07-06-2012, 06:36 AM
Came across something interesting. Credit to Tumorzz for the find.

So I did some research after watching the BO2 trailer. What caught my eye was the date "7-23-86" in the lower left corner of the trailer after it says "treyarc". I eventually found some information that could be leading to the story that nobody knows about or even paid attention to. Here's the source.


When reading this it says something about the Reagan Administaration giving advice to the Iraq military during the Iran/Iraq war. If you watch the trailer and stop it at 1:01 you can see soldiers fist pumpIng and crying for war in a desert with Arabic people. THIS COULD BE WHAT 7-23-86 could mean and could be a possible chance of Alex Masons missions after Black Ops. And could be a reason why horses were involved in the game.
Now this dinosaur of a computer won't allow me to search for videos so I can embed them into the post, but the trailer will show you what he has described.