View Full Version : Help with Gold Brick, Robin in Hazard suit, South Island roof top, purple goo wall

07-06-2012, 07:48 PM
I'm having problems with a gold brick on one of the roof tops on the South Island . It's starts with Robin in the Magnet suit, you use an arial runway to get to a roof top a short distance away, then you climb a lego climbing wall, jump up two orange wall bars and slide round to the right, where you must jump up another orange wall bar and above that is a small lego climbing wall covered in purple goo. You can't clear the goo off as your hanging onto the orange bar, and if you stand on the near by peaked roof and aim your water at the purple goo, it doesn't wash off. If you try and jump up to the climbing wall from the orange bar, nothing happens he just keeps clinging back onto the bar, he wont cling onto the climbing wall through the purple goo. Aquaman's water spray doesn't clear it either.

OK, was finally able to do it. I stood right on the very edge of the peaked roof and cleared the first blob of goo, then flew up and landed on the metal part sticking out just about the 2nd, and used Aquaman to clear it.